Stick your tongue on my toes, bitch

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Black & Blue tape gags

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Sucking the Sweat out of Used Socks

“Yeah, suck it all out, bitch.  The stink of my foot sweat should be all over your tongue, lips, and mouth.  Be sure to swallow that sweet sweat nectar of my soles…”

“Yes, Master.  It tastes good, and it is my honor to drink it up, every drop.”

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TV Feet

TV Feet0

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Especially thanks to shows like Big Brother, there’ve been a lot of feet on TV lately.  Here’s a small sample.

And okay, a few of these are movie feet.  Let’s not be picky.

austin butler shirtless the carrie diaries

The very hot Austin Butler, that I got to see live in a show in Los Angeles. Envy me.

Chris Lowell - Brightest Star - 2013 (1)

Chris Lowell


Charlie McDermott

reeve carney nude penny dreadful

Carney Reeve


Cam Gigandet


Nicholas Hault

Tyler Posey licking costar Orny Adams' Feet 2

Super hot pic that Tyler Posey tweeted out about wanting to lick his male castmate’s foot, as it was so perfect. Uh, he can lick my foot anytime.

Tyler Posey licking costar Orny Adams' Feet

Just imagine.

BB16 Zach 4

Zack, Big Brother 16

BB16 Cody 7-18-14

Big Brother, Cody

Zach Rance - reality TV star (BB)

More Zach

These last few pics I took myself. I know the quality is bad, but it’s the best I could do. First is this hot twink from a Kohl’s commercial.

Next was this guy from a matteress commercial.
Photo Jul 08, 8 56 14 PM

Lastly, from Property Brothers. This one took me a minute, and because of the quality, it makes it even harder. Do you see it?

If not, check out the reflection in the microwave oven. Seems like a cameraman got very lazy.  I thought that was hilarious and pretty unexpected.  Wish the Property Brothers themselves got that lazy from time to time.

Group Bondage

When you can hear someone moaning next to you… but you can’t see them. When tugging your arms pulls at the balls of someone else… and vice verse.

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