The peak of summer…

Let’s get outside and enjoy all the hot bois, before it all ends!

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Clothed but barefoot hogties

Damn, this combination is super sexy to me.  I imagine that they guy was tied up unwillingly, after a long day of work, and stripped of his shoes and socks against his will.  Leaving his helpless, smelly feet completely exposed and helpless…

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

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Some kind words

Just wanted to share some very kind emails I got recently.  I love to hear from people enjoying the blog!  It’s visitors like these that give me the inspiration to keep this going.

The first is quite short, but sweet, and was sent to my Recon.

Hey! Been a huge fan for a while! Haha, your blogs made me the bondage lover I am today! Haha, have a good one!

Love hearing that!  And this next email, with pics included, is even more flattering!

Hello TiedFeetGuy !

I’ve always dreamed about the day I’ll send you this email lol :p Let me please introduce myself. I’m a 19 year old guy from France, who loves bondage and feet (all feet and socks, and especially stinky ahah) and who literally loves your blog (I think I visit it more than two times per day for 2-3 years lol). Why do I only write this email now ? I don’t really know, probably because I was waiting for the day I would write it in the US. I am a student, coming to [redacted] for one semester (August-December), that’s why I am in the US.
Why do I write this email ? Just because I really wanted to thank you for this amazing work on this blog. Everyday I wait for your new post, and everyday I’m sooooo happy when it comes out lol. I hope you would believe me, but trust me, when I was having hard time in my life, bondage and feet was the only way for me to escape from that, and to really do something I like. Your blog really helped me that way, showing me amazing pics, and I’ve always wanted to met you one day for a bondage and feet session (I know, you have probably plenty of mail like mine, but the only fact that you’ll probably reed it makes me feel happy).
So thank you again for your amazing blog, I hope you’ll continue to update it. Congratulations to your relative who gets married, and I hope everything is fine with your husband.
Thank you for reading this, and I hope I’ll get an answer (take your time if you need, you have a life and it’s better for you to live for what you love instead of living for others), and maybe one day we will meet each other.
Well, you never know!  In the meantime, he sent some pics that he said I could post (and both readers did also give me permission to post their text).  He also sent a few more of himself in bondage, but that was for my eyes only.  But it was enough for me to see that I know I’d love to tie him and and abuse those feet one day!
IMG_0531 IMG_0533 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0539 IMG_0542 IMG_0544
TFG Exclusive:  Socksucker, Part 2

As you may recall, I had just finished hogtying SockSucker and teasing him with my stinky socks… but not quite letting him have them.  Yet.

After I was satisfied with his torment, I tied him to a chair and blindfolded him. I then pressed a shoe into his face, and forced him to guess if it was his shoe or mine based on smell.  He didn’t do so well as this game. So to make certain he’d get acquainted with my foot odor, I tied my shoe to face. I then proceed to teased his body and cock with my socked foot. He tried to resist and told me “fuck you” many times, but to no avail.  I continued on, mercilessly. I eventually removed the shoe, then wiped my rancid sock all over his face and mouth. I removed my other sock and placed it over his hard cock, jerking him lightly with it, him squirming and wriggling, helpless to do anything about it.

socksucker (6) socksucker (7) socksucker (8)

But I wasn’t finished with him yet. I tied him spread eagled, and further tortured him by rubbing my socked feet all over his body. I made him pull them off my feet with his mouth and teeth.  I immediately stuffed one sock into his mouth with my toes. And of course, I couldn’t forget… I balanced the cup of my spit on chest, then proceeded to rub my feet all over his dick.  I wanted his mouth full of smelly socks, so I stuffed his socks in his mouth along with one of mine, making sure they all covered his nose. He looked totally degraded with three different stinking socks shoved down his throat.  Surprisingly, he was quite good at being still… the cup didn’t move.  Which was no fun for me.

So I took my final sock and soaked it in the spit up. It was totally drenched and sopping with my spit, making squishing noises. I held it over his head, teasing him with its messy, disgusting potential. I know he wanted it, and didn’t want it. And had absolutely no control over it. The suspense was terrible. But in a swift movement, I removed all three socks from his mouth, and before he could close it, I rammed the sopping sock into his mouth and make him suck the juices out of it. I think I saw some of it foaming past his lips.

I was hard as a rock at the sight of this. I released him and ordered him to put his smelly feet in my face while I jerked off. They really stank, and I loved it. I shot on my chest, reached to his mouth and grabbed the still drenched sock from his mouth, wiped up my load with it, and crammed it back into his mouth to suck on until his shot his load.

socksucker (5)

Notice the rope marks around his ankles. Love that, don’t you?

Self Foot lickers

How many of us have to get our rocks off.  I still do on occasion.

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