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I have never participated in a group scene.  Wouldn’t mind trying one day, though I don’t think I’d ever be able to talk my husband into it.

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Clothed Bondage

While being naked and tied up is obviously great, clothed bondage definitely has it’s place. Gives a great kidnap feel to a scene.

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Dore Alley Dungeon Bed for sale… last call!

Updated with new pics.  We are getting rid of this.  If interested, and would be available to pick it up, let me know.

So my husband and I got ourselves the Dore Alley Dungeon Bed for rather obvious reasons. We totally love it, but he’s starting to think he wants a King bed, and right now we have a Queen. This would mean not only would we have to get an entire new bed and mattress (and to be honest, we’d probably get another Dore Alley Bed… we really do like it), but we’d also have to figure out what to do with the old one.

Since it’s a bed with very distinctive bondage uses, it seems only fair it should go to someone in the kink community. But it’s very expensive, and not easy to mail. So you’d have to be in the Los Angeles area, and be willing to pick it up and transport (it does come apart)–unless you are willing to pay shipping, but that would be at least a couple hundred dollars.

Note our bed already comes with: top rail restraints (the bars across the top), and votive candle holders. This make the current retail total value of the bed well over $4000 according to, and that is not including tax or shipping costs. We do not have a sling extender, which we understand to be a very common purchase with this bed, but I’m quite certain you can still get one and attach it if desired.

Obviously it’s used, and the transportation factors in. That said, it’s in excellent shape–we take care of our stuff. We’d like to ask $3000 for it, but are open to other offers. Here’s some pics so you can see it (sheet not included, but that could possibly be negotiated as well).

Reader Submission:  Socks (and feet) of a Straight Guy

Still talking with this straight guy.  We still hope to meet one day, but in the meantime, since he’s a bit more into socks, he sent me some pics of his socked feet that he said were fine for posting here.  Said they had been worn for a while, too.  So enjoy!  I hope to one day.   Size 9.5, super skinny guy.

UPDATE:  he sent me a few more pics that I posted to my twitter:


Flip Flops

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