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I think it’s a great way to humiliate a slave.

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I never get tired of sleepsacks.

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More sexy feet & more from Fort Troff

Love these pics.  I hope they keep ‘em up!  Support them here.

bed_4 hog_2 gag_1 bed_1 bed_4 Candle_2

Also, I have to say… I am quite smitten with Armond Rizzo.  He’s in the final three pics, as the twink tied on the “fuck” bed and candle wax, and has appeared on a few other fetish sites.  Nice bod, cute face, and sexy feet.  Hot!

Ankles Crossed

Ankles Crossed0

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A very sexy position, if you ask me.  Shows that the guy is very casual, and is probably just waiting for you to start massaging them.  First with your hands, then your tongue.  Then you begin to kiss them with your lips, and finally, you taste and suck them with your mouth… and they’ll be enjoying themselves…


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