TFG’s subs:  Footieguy, Part 1

TFG’s subs: Footieguy, Part 1

So this one is a unique story.  First off, the model is a personal crush that I’ve been talking to off and on for over 10 years, back in the days (to protect his privacy, I’ve given him a pseudonym).  Second, the ropework here actually belongs to my husband.  This was the first guy my husband and I worked on together.

Footieguy (29 yo) is very into intensive ropework, and really, I feel my husband has superior ropework to me.  He generally doesn’t like meeting others, but that fact I’ve known this guy for so long, plus he’s also married and was very respectful of our rules (there was no nudity or overt sex), plus we were traveling and not in our local area, was enough for my husband to give this a try.

In any case, as the name implies, Footieguy is very into soccer gear, so we started with that.



Random fun

Random fun

No rhyme or reason here.  Just an assortment of things I found that are either hot, funny, or both.

I’m not too into pits, but this is still pretty hot.

This is a sign on a ride at Disney’s California Adventure theme park, specifically the Monsters, Inc. ride.

I like amusement parks. And the guy in the middle is damn hot to me.

Billabong billboard ad

More of the same Billabong billboard. Surfer twinks!



This last bit is a video clip from a “torture porn” horror called Talon Falls (2017).  While I haven’t seen it, the plot seems to involve teens trapped in a haunted house attraction, where they are unwitting victims of torture for guests who don’t realize it’s real.  I’m showing it because in the particular clip, the bad guy takes off a cute guys shoe and sock in preparation to torture his foot.  While you don’t get great glances, it’s hot enough.  The video does stop just before it gets graphic, and the beginning is a bit buggy, so if it’s not playing, scroll ahead a bit… that usually works for me.  Credit to Dudecaps Forum, where I found this vid.


Straight guy fantasy

Straight guy fantasy

So I’ve been in contact with yet another straight guy.  At this point, he wants to remain pretty anon, but I can say he has a girlfriend, yet is interested in a real life male feet/domination/humiliation scene.  He did allow me to post these parts of his emails to me, describing what he’d like me to do to him…

I’m kinda open to anything? Just nothing up my butt or anything like that lol I’m nowhere comfortable with that… but if you’d like to tie me up and gag me and rub your cock and balls in my face, I’d be okay with that lol. I’m kinda just up to do freaky stuff haha. For example if we’d have a session with your husband you guys can tie me up and gag me on the floor, rub your feet all Over me meanwhile you guys are doing your sucking each other off and I’ll be both of your guys little foot bitch forced to watch you fuck while I suck and smell your stinky toes.. lol hows that sound??

Yeah imagine, me tied up hands behind my back or even hogtied, you take a smelly sock out of a ziplock baggy, spit on it a couple times before you jam in my mouth, and wrap duct tape around my mouth a few times to make sure that sock stays out and I can’t make a sound. You begin to shove your socked feet in my face forcing me to smell them.
You command me to smell them and that you want to hear my smell them. I begin to struggle against my ropes and begin to “hmmmph” into my sock gag as your toes cover my nose and face.. after awhile you bring me to the edge of the bed where your in your briefs and you grab my face forcing it into your crotch where your cock and balls are rubbing my gagged pathetic face.
You take your cock out and place over my gagged lips and I struggle to get away but with my hogtie all I’m doing is having you dick slap me… and I moan in embarrassment into my sock tape gag…
hows that sound?

At this point, I did ask him that while he did state he was not open to any sort of anal play, he did tease he’d be okay with oral.  Here’s how he replied:

And actually I mean sure, if you jammed your cock in my mouth and I’m hogtied tightly, do I have a choice? Lol but idk about balls, but maybe?
Imagine you dick slapping my gagged mouth and face, you say “it’s time for a new gag” and you unravel the tape from my face, I begin to curse at you… and you say “shut up bitch” spit on me and jam your dick into my mouth, but then you tape your waist and hips to my face while your dick is in my mouth, really forcing me to suck it. Lol how do you like that?
I’m telling you, you and I would have fun together

So imagine, there I am. Hogtied and squirming with your cock shoved in my mouth as you begin to wrap my face to your waist with duct tape, making sure I won’t be going anywhere till you say.
Now my face is secured to your crotch with your dick hard in my mouth. I squirm and moan into my dick gag but to no avail, as I look up at you in the eyes helplessly, you grab another sock from the ziplock bag, and force it to my nose, so now I’m forced to suck you off and smell your dirty socks. 

Sounds good to me!  He’s giving me some pretty hot ideas. 

There is a remote possibility we could actually meet one day, so who knows?  I’ll keep you all posted, but it’s pretty damn hot a straight guy has this level of fantasy.

YouTube Issues

YouTube Issues

I’ve had a YouTube account for my foot viewing content and watching for a number of years.  To be honest, there’s not a whole lot on it, as I really don’t make much video content.  So the channel hasn’t been updated in years.

But for some reason lately, two of my videos have be flagged in the last month.  One got taken down, which, despite having no nudity whatsoever, did show one of my slaves bound up in lycra while standing barefoot on bottlecaps as a punishment.  It was unlisted, and linked only to this blog, so essentially no one should have been able to see it unless they found it through this blog.  And yet it got flagged.  Why anyone would visit this blog only to flag the content is a bit beyond me, but it was a risk I took, and unfortunately it didn’t work out.  (I did finally upload to Xtube, which I always forget about, haha.)

Not even two weeks later, one of my older vids (nearly 10 years old!) didn’t get taken down, but flagged for adult content.  It just shows my bare feet tied up and struggling a bit, while I am fully clothed.  Again, not the end of the world, but it was a bit more puzzling as it really doesn’t show anything adult in my mind at all.  But when I saw the text YouTube sent me when notifying me of this, I saw this:

Video content restrictions

YouTube isn’t the place for sexually provocative content. In addition to this, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes aren’t allowed on YouTube, and videos containing this type of content will be removed.

It was the phrase “humiliating fetishes” that caught my attention.    I’m guessing this is the catch-all for content that isn’t explicit per se, but clearly with a kinky side.  To be honest, I didn’t realize YouTube now included that.

For me personally, it’s not a huge loss.  So far, the majority of my vids (as old as they are) are still up.  Because of privacy issues, I’m not really as interested in creating a lot of video content.  If they do get taken down eventually, I’ll be fine.  But I am letting you all know, because if this keeps up, I could imagine more videos, if not the entire channel, being one day taken down.  So enjoy it while you can here.