Visual Ode to the Silver Strip

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Standing in Underwear

Sometimes the tease is more sexy than the reveal.  To feel that cock getting hard, pushing against that tight fabric…

Okay, some shorts snuck in here.  But let’s not be picky.

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It’s always interesting coming across your own pictures on tumblr or other blogs, especially when your tag is cut off, or text is written on the bottom implying the pic came from somewhere else.

So just for the record, the pic below, which had over 600+ notes at last check on tumblr, is me.  Ropework by my BF.  You can see the full version below with my old tag in the bottom (which I now feel compelled to add my updated tag to, just in case), as well as the original post it come from and other pics like it, here.

And to the assholes who think it’s okay to cut off tags from pics that aren’t yours:  FUCK YOU.

Happy Easter!

tfg-strappado (3)-marked

TFG:  Found Twink Sneak Toys, Part 3

Still tied to my face.  While there, I was licking the inside soles with my tongue, trying my best to taste the reeking foot funk.  But the grand finale is yet to cum… quite literally…

tfg-twinkshoes (18) tfg-twinkshoes (19) tfg-twinkshoes (21)

I couldn’t resist… I shot my load inside.

tfg-twinkshoes (22) tfg-twinkshoes (26) tfg-twinkshoes (25) tfg-twinkshoes (24) tfg-twinkshoes (23)

The fun part?  I licked it up as best I could, and stored them in a very large ziplock back.  I still have them, and when I do the mircrowave trick (spritz them lightly with water, seal them in a ziplock, and microwave for 12 seconds), the odor does return.  Not quite as strong as before, but it’s certainly still there.  Now mixed with the smell of dried cum.  Sadly, they’re way too big for my own feet, or else I’d be wearing them.

By the way, did you miss Part 2?  It’s here, as well as Part 1.


Group Foot Orgies


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