Thin & Lean & Lithe Twink Chests

Sometimes, I view a bare twink chest as a blank canvas.  So many possibilities…

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Vulnerable & Spread Out Helplessly

“Yeah, bitch.  Show me that hard cock of yours.”

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Dirty Virgin submits

Had a small text exchange with the Dirty Virgin.  Some typos and edits, but you get the idea.  I think it’s fun to see how I interact in real time.  I give him his first order, and he obeys like a good little slave.  Later, he asks what I’d do to him in real life, and I post that as well (all with his permission).

He did send me a ton of face pics depicting more, but due to privacy, those won’t be shared here.  That’s one of my privileges as Master.


Here are the pics as commanded.  Again, he sent me plenty of him actually licking them and rubbing them against his face, but those are for my eyes only.


Nice and wet, as you can see…

IMG_8275  IMG_8274          IMG_8277IMG_8264

Must’ve felt good, wet, and humiliating to rub those feet into his face.  The last pic is the sock he pulled off and stuffed in his mouth.  What a little fag!

He also asked the following:


Believe me, I wish I could.  I actually have quite a few guys in England that I’ve been wanting to abuse.  Hopefully one day…

Reader Submission:  Mark

Got sent these very, very hot foot pics from Mark.  He’s 22 yo, 63 kg weight, 1.77 mt height , shoe size 43-44, from United Kingdom. He also love flip flops and also tickling.  Hope I can get at these feet one day!

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Linty & Dirty Feet

To be honest, I generally prefer my feet to be clean.  But if the lint is from being in old, unwashed, used socks, I can make an exception.  If it’s fresh and from a warm and moist foot, I’d likely eat it up gratefully.

Plus, a few for the guys out there who do prefer dirty feet.  I know you’re out there.

10817952_712089035554615_712793517_n B5Lh71OCAAACyXM.jpg large B7UBp0PIgAAk0iv.jpg large B9R1ix1IgAABbJJ.jpg large Marek_Murek_070 Marek_Pravda_123 tumblr_m9eu46I2hB1relnhzo1_500 tumblr_n68e1aWG0G1tsjfqdo1_1280 tumblr_ngwy668p241tsvbdpo1_1280 10_imageCP1-b-PXAAAVFXy.jpg largetumblr_nv76jvYLSW1u87lt5o1_1280

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