TFG Thoughts:  Blogger back to adults

Good thing I waited a bit before discussing this issue… you probably had already heard that one of the main blogging platforms, Blogger, had announced about a week ago that they were going to essentially shut down all the adult content blogs (and while we focus mainly on the gay blogs, I’m pretty certain there was a lot of straight porn on those sites as well).  This came as a pretty big shock to most people, especially when told they had only about a month to change platforms if they so desired.  While adult blogs could be made private, a viewer would need an invitation to see it, and if you have a large audience, that could become quite unwieldy.

Amazingly, Blogger and Google got enough negative response that they changed their minds just days ago, and will continue to allow adult blogs provided they have the warning page and are flagged as such.  I’m surprised they backed down, but am obviously pretty happy… there’s a lot of great adult blogs out there on Blogger, and for the time being, they seem to be safe.

But I do feel like this is an omen for the long term future of adult blogs.  The fact they announced the decision in the first place, along with their penchant for shutting down adult blogs without much (if any) warning is a pretty blatant indication of where they’d like to go eventually.  It could take a while longer now, but I do think that over time, they’ll gradually tighten the screws until it’s difficult and not practical to post adult content.  I’m also going on the record saying that I personally think it’s only a matter of time before tumblr gets more restrictive about its adult content.

All these are reasons I decided many years ago to move to my own platform.  It’s a bigger hassle, sure.  I have to pay out of pocket to keep this site going (which is why I do appreciate it when you use my shopping links to make any of your gear purchases).  But I do feel it’s a bit worth it in exchange for the freedom and relative safety I have, basically never having to worry if my work will be taken down due to content (though I did recently have a technical glitch that could have taken the site off line–but it was technical, not content related).

Just to cover myself a bit more, I am considering adding my own “Warning: Adult Content” page to this blog.  I know they’re annoying, but after all that’s happened, it may not hurt.  In the meantime, I’m happy for all my fellow bloggers who have dodged a big bullet.  And as for me, new posts begin tomorrow!

Yes, we’re back!

Yeah, the site’s been “tied up” a bit lately.  Although for once, not in a good way.  The problem seemed to be more with the web host than the blog itself.  As you can see, I had been posting all along, but the host wasn’t updating them.

Because most of you have so much to catch up on, I won’t post anything new for the rest of the month, and I’ll begin again in March.  I probably will set up a few tumblr posts in the meantime, just for fun.

Hopefully things will continue to be okay for a while.  If you do catch any problems, let me know.  Remember, you can follow my twitter for updates.  And lastly, a big thanks to @tallglassofoj for his help in getting the site functional again.  I know next to nothing about web hosting, and without his help, I don’t know if I would have had the technical skills to get the site running again.

In the meantime, please go back and visit all the posts that you missed!

LL_slavej 6 day edging, Part 1

So as is sometimes the case, real life will occasionally interfere with cyber slaves.  But imagine how happy I was when LL_slavej wrote me and said he was ready for me to control his cumming.

Since it had been a while since I had this opportunity, I thought I’d take advantage of it.  I decided he would need to edge over the course of 6 days.  The first day, he’d edge for 5 minutes.  The next day, 10.  And so on, adding 5 minutes day day until he edged for 30 minutes after 6 days of not cumming.  I think this was a just punishment.  He was also ordered to tie up his balls.


He updated me frequently.  The first pic is him beginning his first 5 minute night, and the second pic is at the end of 5 minutes.  Looks pretty hard already, doesn’t he?

6dayedge (1) 6dayedge (3)


His 10 minutes session the next night.  When he was done, he wrote me that his dick as ready to burst.  Already.  What a loser.

6dayedge (4)

Third day, 15 minutes.  A pre-pic, and a comment from me.

6dayedge (5)6dayedge (1)

The end of his 15 minutes, with a bit of conversation afterwards.

6dayedge (6) 6dayedge (2)

Next night at 20 minutes.

6dayedge (8) 6dayedge (3) 6dayedge (9)

Two more nights to go, and I raised the stakes even more.  But you, like he, will have to wait and suffer…

TFG & Bondage Jeopardy

So not too long ago, I heard that Kevin, the creator of the website Bondage Jeopardy, was going to be visiting Los Angeles to do some filming. I decided to reach out to him.  He was very understanding when I told him I can’t be in his movies directly, and was still willing to meet with me.  He often likes to tie up people just for fun (obviously), without the added constraints of filming.  Sounded good to me!  I did request he take just a few pics, for my own records (he did give me permission to share them).

Imagine my surprise when I found out that his film star, Mikey, was there as well!  So it became a bit of a group session.  Kevin had also requested from me that I bring along some of my hero lycra, so that’s us in them later on.  This is by far not a complete pic list, but this meet wasn’t primarily about pics.  But I hope you enjoy what you do get to see!

For the record, I’m the barefoot one, and later on, Spiderman.

BJMjan15 (1) BJMjan15 (2) BJMjan15 (3) BJMjan15 (4) BJMjan15 (5) BJMjan15 (6) BJMjan15 (7) BJMjan15 (8) BJMjan15 (9)

Mikey also gave his permission to allow me to post these pics.  It was fun to meet him!

A bit romantic…

And now for a day with no introduction needed.  Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to these guys?

danny-peter002 dustin-ian001 jimmy-maxim001 marty-swen001 matt012 mischa-tim001 tumblr_n9qs7eJyfj1qmz7hpo4_1280 Lukas_Pribyl_and_Filip_Cervenka_19 tumblr_n10b5r6E3K1tt27mko1_1280

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