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Damn, my shoes smell good

“I could sniff ‘em all day.  Gets my dick nice and hard…”

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“Please, it hurts!”

Sometimes the bondage position itself can be the torture.

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Personal life

Personal life0

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Lately I haven’t been discussing my personal life as much, as I’m finding myself becoming more of a private person as the blog gets successful.  I certainty do enjoy blogging, but I think of it as just one facet of my life, and compartmentalize it mostly as a separate endeavor from the rest of my life.

I have been going through some stressful situations in “real life”, mostly having to do with health issues.  While I and my BF and fine, I’ve been watching family members go through some difficult events that I’d rather not go into.  On a good note, they have largely been resolved and all is much better now.  But it was still an ordeal.

At the same time, I’ve been encountering some job stress of late.  Again, it’s improved at present, but it was also a rough time.  Fortunately, while he’d probably not like me saying it here, my BF has been incredibly supportive through all of this, and I’m very thankful to have him.

I do plan to continue to blog, but if I do miss a few days here and there, or maybe even a week, please be understanding.  I may be just enjoying some time off.  I am doing much better, but I am realizing I could use a few more breaks.

I already have posts planned for the rest of the week, and I do assure you I have a very, very hot exclusive set of a super hot twink and his feet in lots of bondage in the future.  As well as a fun little foot session I had some time ago.  So don’t go far, even if the blog takes some unscheduled down time!

Showin’ Shrimp

A close up tribute to toes.

Suck on em’, footfag.  Put each one in your mouth.  And slide your tongue between them all.


tumblr_nacy8rFVY61tck6r9o5_1280 IMG_0130 IMG_0190 tumblr_mkydqf2vxI1qah91to1_1280 tumblr_moynfwTdWx1qk2cbno1_1280 tumblr_n9i8b9y38f1s49huoo1_1280 tumblr_n9t7pelYMV1tvkv44o1_1280 tumblr_n9t7pelYMV1tvkv44o2_1280 BvaHdgJIQAAjRIg.jpg large BwvMBTsCEAATwXB.jpg large BxS7c7VCUAE-H5u.jpg large Ivan_Mraz_067 Mark_Kalo_073

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