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Darren Criss foot only (The Middle S05E10)

Darren Criss


Tom Daley


Neil Patrick Harris (showing his foot with stocking marks from rehearsing Hedwig)


Zachary Levi

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In chains

In chains0

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Sometimes, it turns out you can keep a good man down.  I’m sure Metalbond would agree.

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It never hurts to be safe.  If you want some tips on how to meet people, both online and in person, this site (recommended by Metalbond) has some good advice.

Also, don’t forget the resource Kitestring could be a good option as well.  I wrote about it earlier here, but it is sort of a timed text message that will be sent out if you’re not heard from.


slave j’s camping trip ordeal

Our next session had slave j going on a camping trip for 3 days.  To torment him, I told him that 1) he was not to cum during the entire trip, this wasnt too bad being as i wasnt alone and had no privacy, however i did not know how long it would be before i was allowed to cum, and that was a little nerve wrecking. and 2) that he must wear the same pair of socks and underwear the entire time.gross. i knew my socks and underwear would be dirty and sweaty after a day into the trip, let alone after the whole trip…  The pic you see in the header above is the “before” picture.  The two pics below were taken during the trip.    The pic of his foot in the slipper is during his trip, when he went swimming.   the lake felt good. it actually cleaned my feet, but it didnt last long as i had to put the socks and underwear back on. it was degrading having to wear the same the whole trip.  being as i went swimming and had to remove my socks and underwear, i punished myself by smelling them. The socks were after he’d worn some rubber boots and even though it’s hard to tell, his fee were drenched in sweat.   sweat drenched. felt like i had just gotten out of a bath tub and put on socks… they were drenched… 

IMG_5057 IMG_5059

Despite poor cell phone reception, he managed to send me this pic, which were his socks after only one day on his trip.  this isnt too bad. this is normal dirty for me  It was a three day trip, so things were going to get pretty bad for him…


When  he returned, he showed me how they turned out.  Turns out it was a mess of sweat, rain water, and mud–as you can see below.  These are the after pics.  He told me it rained during the trip, so rainwater mixed in with his footsweat.  They look pretty rancid to me!  Even his underwear was wet with 3 days of crotch sweat and rain.  rancid smelling. gross feeling. drenched. i was scared in anticipation of what i would be doing with my socks and underwear.


Of course, he had to smell them immediately, which he did.  It wasn’t pleasant for him, although as you can see, his dick thought otherwise.  the dick pic is after i got home from camping and knew i would be servicing you at some point again.

However, as it turned out, we weren’t able to play immediately, so I ordered him to place them in a ziploc bag until needed.  I’d say they fermented fermented is an understatement in there for a couple of days, and they got plenty of use when I found an excuse to punish him severely later.

IMG_5060crop IMG_5061crop    IMG_5067 IMG_5068


Tied Toes

Tied Toes0

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I love tying the big toes together. Such a short length of string can really immobilize a person. #feetfriday

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