Caged Cocks

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Duct tape bondage

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TFG Thoughts:  Candid pics policy

Privacy is a big concern of mine, so it’s only fair I should be respectful of other people’s privacy.

That said, I have posted pics of people I have taken in public places.  But that said, I only show pics of their feet, or backside.  I never show face, unless the angle is obscured or blurry–but even that is extremely rare for me.  Really, I figure people have the right to privacy, and unless I’ve gotten their permission, I’d never post a face pic of a person I didn’t know.

I do post anonymous feet pics, because I do feel that is, well, pretty anonymous.

I only bring this up because I do feel that posting full face pics of guys from public places is a bit creepy and invasive.  These guys didn’t asked to be placed on a kinky site, and I don’t think it’d be fair.

I suppose occasionally I may have posted a candid pic that came from another site or tumblr, and there’s not much I can do about that.  If I don’t really know the source, I don’t have the time or capacity to track that info down for every pic I post.  But it certainly isn’t intentional.  Back in the early days of Grindr, I would post face pics of guys I thought were cute.  But then I stopped fairly quickly because of what I just said earlier… yes, they put their faces online publicly, but not for the intended use of a kinky site.  Not really fair.  I can’t control all public pics, but I can at least control the ones I grab and set an example.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, let’s respect each other’s privacy as much as we can.  Unless you’ve gotten their permission, don’t take candid face pics of guys in public places and post them online.  While it may be intended as flattering, to me, it comes off as a bit creepy and invasive–even if the guy is hot.  Hot guys deserve privacy, too.

TFG Exclusive:  Balls Tied

My husband loves to tie up my balls.  Fortunately, I love getting my balls tied up.

That said, I like to keep some mystery, so the details are private.  But you can still enjoy it.

Gear used:  Ultra Blindfold, Front Buckle Gag, Nipple Suckers

TFGballtied (6) TFGballtied (7) TFGballtied (1) TFGballtied (2) TFGballtied (3) TFGballtied (4) TFGballtied (5) TFGballtied (8)TFGballtied (9)

After he was done with me, he tied me in an impromptu body harness.  He left some wriggle room for my hands.  He then laid on his back, had me straddle his chest and ordered me to work on his nipples until he came.  That was fun.

TFGballtied (10)

Hogtied Feet

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