TFG’s subs:  BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 3

TFG’s subs: BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 3

So this boi loves being used.  And let’s just say that I wanted to take advantage of that for a top load…

I must say, that ring gag does have it’s uses.  I did mention that he’s been locked up all this time, and for about a week prior to our meet?  Believe he was still locked when this happened.

And as it turns out, he’s the perfect size to fit into my custom leather sleepsack with foot access.  It was quite the good time.  And as you can see, I can’t help putting my foot on his face…

Gear used:  Spandex hood, ball gag, deluxe leather sleepsack, tit clamps

PAW_ss gunges himself while I’m busy

PAW_ss gunges himself while I’m busy

PAW_ss doesn’t always have time to do a scene, so when he’s free, he lets me know.  That doesn’t mean I’m always free myself.  But if I can, I’ll assign him something to do.

Also, it’s seeming we’ll be in the same geographic area this summer, and may actually meet up for real.  It’d be his first real life scene being Dommed by another guy.  Could be quite fun…

Nico Tortorella, please call me

Nico Tortorella, please call me

If you haven’t heard of this guy, where have you been?  Super hot, and openly sexually fluid.  So, ah, Nico, if you read this blog… I will totally make an exception to my pics and posting rule for you.  I’d love to tie you up and play with your feet, and I’ll be very discrete.  Don’t we all think he’d look great in bondage?  Let’s not forget he was (briefly) tied and gagged in Scream 4.  To the best of my knowledge, that’s his only known bondage scene.

First off, a few links to articles about him discussing his sexuality:

And of course, some pics, with a focus on feet pics at the end.

TFG’s subs:  BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 2

TFG’s subs: BoyTrigger Overnight, Part 2

His time in the stocks was far from over.  Had to reveal his soft boyfeet, you know.  And to continue to use his face and body for my personal foot rest and sock wash.  Stuffed them in his mouth and made sure he chewed until they were clean…

As you can see, he wanted my feet real bad, but they’re just out of his reach… making him beg and plead for them…

And the fun part is that he really doesn’t have that much of a foot fetish.  But he does have a fetish for doing whatever it takes to please his Master.  So he ends up getting quite into it.  Plus, you should recognize one of these pics in my new slideshow at the top of the blog.

Next week… out of the stocks, and into the sleepsack…