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This guy’s not muddy yet, but you know it’ll be happening soon.  Ummm, that one foot sunk in the mud… a promise of things to cum…



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Your Asks, answered!

yApollo asked:

if you could smell any dude’s feet in the whole wide world, whose feet would you want to smell and why? what kind of socks/sneaks would you want him wearing? under what circumstances? ;-)

Ugh.  There’s so many, it’s really hard to narrow down to one.  If I could have a group, here’s my current top celeb feet fantasies.  I base this both on how cute the guy is, how cute their feet are, and imagining who could have smelly feet.

  • Zac Efron
  • Tyler Posey
  • Ross Lynch
  • Tom Daley
  • David Henrie

But if you’re going to force me to choose just one, I think I’d have to go with my latest crush, Austin North.  First off, he’s hot.  Love his skinny, lean body and face.  And his feet look incredible.  I suspect they’d be pretty clean, but I think they could get smelly.  And finally, I do have a weakness for blondes.  I’ve had next to no opportunity to work with a blonde guy’s feet, and I totally think bleach blondes like him often have incredible feet.

Socks?  I think I’d prefer white cotton ankle socks.  So they can be worn a lot, and get very sweaty and smelly.  I can hold them over my nose (or his!) and be gagged with them.  Not too picky about the sneakers… as long as they’re very, very used.  :)  Circumstances?  Him tied and and being my slave for the night.  Or weekend.  Or week.

zuzux asked:

I’d like to ask, what do you think about flat-feet boy? This illnes is important or not? Do you know good-looking guy, who has flat-feet? Would you post a series of pics about them?

It’s not important to me at all.  While I prefer a nice, high arch, perhaps surprisingly, flat feet don’t really bother me at all.  I do find them sexy in their own way.  They may not fit on my face as well, but there is more to lick.  There was one guy I knew who was pretty cute and he admitted he had flat feet.  I did eventually get to see them (although in a non-sexual context), and I still found them hot.

I’m not against doing a series of pics about them, but I don’t run into them very often.  I do feel that in general, most people don’t find them all that attractive.   But as for me, I don’t mind at all.

jjherms asked:

When are you going to torment PAW_ss some more? Maybe have slave j get his revenge on him or something?

Both PAW_ss and LL_slavej (remember, he was renamed LL as the Lowest of the Low) have been pretty busy with their personal/work lives, as have been I.  But now that you mention it, it would be fun to see them get abused a bit again, wouldn’t it?

Now that you mention it, LL_slavej did have a recent chance to humiliate himself, and you’ll get to see it next week.  Stay tuned…




TFG Exclusive:  FeatherTicklish, Part 3

For you serious tickling fiends, this is where you’ll really get your rocks off.  I turned on two electric toothbrushes, put them under his arms, and told him he had to keep them there for 1 minute.  I timed it on my phone.  I think it was hell for him, but he did succeed.

TFGfeatherticklish (21) TFGfeatherticklish (22)

The pic above also gives you a sense of how cruel I could be.  The Hitatchi Magic Wand vibrator is a devious little tool, especially if you’re ticklish.  He was like that for probably nearly 10 minutes, with the vibrator beating at his crotch without mercy.  Did I mention his crotch was ticklish?  Hell, his entire body was ticklish.  I enjoyed finding every area, as well.

TFGfeatherticklish (23) TFGfeatherticklish (24) TFGfeatherticklish (25) TFGfeatherticklish (27) TFGfeatherticklish (28) TFGfeatherticklish (29) TFGfeatherticklish (30) TFGfeatherticklish (31)

Our little tickle slave gets his final deserts in the next chapter… and the rest of you may get a little bonus.  Stay tuned!
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Soles are simply my favorite part of feet.  Mainly the ball of the foot, where the soles meet the toes.  That tends to be the smelliest and meatiest part of a foot.  Tastes so good…


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