Reader Submission:  Mark’s Tied Toes

Got sent this very hot set.  I know I’d do terrible things to those bound feet.

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College Blonde Twink, Part 2

He was ordered to get my underwear wet, just using his mouth.  I think he did a good job.  Also forced him to sniff and worship my feet a bit.

The singlet was his own.  I’m mostly just using rope and duct tape here, but I did also use a ball gag and locking restraints.

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Mirror Feet0

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The last few of these pics are mixed in from the old blog format, so they won’t open with the light box. But I still thought they were hot.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you enjoy your feast, whatever it may be!

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Tom Daley’s toes


Cameron Dallas, YouTuber

Channing Tatum - actor

Channing Tatum

Chris Pine - actor BW

Chris Pine

Curtis Stone - Australian chef 2

Curtis Stone, celebrity chef

Charlie McDermott (The Middle s7 premiere) 1

Charlie McDermott


Jack Laugher


Dave Franco


Sean Farris

A few I either don’t know, or forgot the names of:

Apple Watch guy attachment.php(3) attachment.php(4) attachment.php(7) attachment.php(9)


And then one of my twink faves, Ross Lynch.

attachment.php(12) attachment.php(13) attachment.php(14) attachment.php(15) attachment.php(16)Ross Lynch - singer BW

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