Naked & Hogtied

Straight Guy:  Fratboyfeet, Part 1

Got this message from a straight guy, who had many questions about his growing interest in smelly male feet.  It’s not a cyber slave session, more of a Q&A.  But who around here don’t like hearing from a straight guy?

With his permission, I’m positing it here, as I feel it could be helpful for other straight (or bi) guys to see and be educated and inspired by… you are not alone.

A few items are blurred for privacy.

His texts are in white, my replies are in purple.



This was not the end of our conversation, and we’ll hear more from him next week.  And of course, you know me… I can’t help but resist but to ask for some feet pics.  Which he did send, and said I can share.  So you have something to look forward to later.

TFG’s subs:  Utahboy, Part 1

This 31 yo sub is someone I’ve actually chatted with on and off for years.  He originally wrote me via this blog, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.  We once played very casually when I once made a trip to Utah.  But the visit was very quick, and at the time, he was relatively new to the scene, and didn’t want many pics or to go too far.

Well, he’s come a long way!  A big fan of ankle socks and gags, and a now a little more experienced and willing to go further.  And have some hot pics taken. 

He is quite private, and did insist all head shots were blurred by pixelation or cut off above the mouth.  Fortunately, you can still see his nicely gagged mouth.

As you can see, he got a nice taste of my worn sock.

Gear used:  Collar, Blindfold, Ballgag, Cordless Hitachi Magic Wand

Tasty Toes

Tasty Toes0

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Suck them toes, slave…

At the beach

The weather’s warming up… let’s hit the beach and enjoy the eye candy!

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