“Do as I say…”

“…or face the consequences.”

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Shoe Worship

Smell it.  Lick it.  Eat it.  I don’t care how bad it smell, slave.  I’ve been working out in them for the last two weeks, so of course they stink.  But you love it, shoe slut.

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Up in the air

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Bound Jocks Basic Training Videos

If you haven’t seen them already, Bound Jocks has a You Tube site where they not only interview some of their models, but they give great instructions on how to do many different ties.  This jockstrap gag tie is one of the most inventive things I’ve seen in a while, and it’s so easy… I love it!  Can’t wait to try it out on someone.

But there are plenty of rope ties as well.  Here’s a lengthy hogtie video.  I’m obviously partial, because it shows a lot of feet.  😏

Here’s a link to their uploaded video page, which you should all have fun exploring:


It makes me feel a bit better, because while I don’t really consider myself a very good roper, I am using some of the techniques they mention.  Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit after all.


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