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Chained & Cuffed Feet

So I’ve just realized that this blog turns 10 years old on Thursday.  Ten years!  That’s a long time.  So in honor of this event, I’m declaring this “Feet Week”.  Because I can.

Hope you enjoy this, and thanks for being a part of this.  If it weren’t for the reader response, I doubt I would’ve done this for this long.

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More Straight Guys asking for bondage/slavery

It’s been a while, but recently a couple of straight guys have communicated with me.  First, I got this email (posted with permission):


I’m preoccupied with bondage. I want to try it and I think about it a lot. I have enjoyed much of your site for offering me a glimpse of it.

I tried to Google the names listed on some of the Hogtie images in your blog. I was hoping to reach out to them to see if they would tie me. Each page I viewed as a search result showed me that much more than bondage occurs. I’m hoping to find a really skilled rope tying aficionado that just wants to tie a guy non-sexually. (Unless he would just like the satisfaction of artfully tying a guy, or if he would find a way to find it to be a good use of his time- practicing knots, maybe making up something we can agree on, honestly this is the toughest part of it all!)

I want to be tied firmly, tightly, inescapably for 30minutes or longer in each position I think. I’d like to be gagged so effectively that I can barely make a noise. Of course blindfolded. I’d enjoy trying multiple positions and I’m fine to wear almost nothing or be fully dressed.

I would be comfortable being tied on a balcony, in a backyard, living room, garage, tent, bondage store -that’s not needing me to buy gear- or wherever. I don’t need privacy because I don’t want anything beyond the restraints. I’d work as a member of a group being tied or be tied by a group of guys. I’m not really interested in being photographed, though I’m very curious what I looked like versus how it felt.

Re-reading this I feel very self absorbed and assuming, please read past that – and tell me how you think I am coming across. I’m spoke this way to be as focused as possible with you – assuming you’re The expert and that you are Very busy!

Based on what I’ve seen on the web I’m an anomaly and I don’t that this is an itch I’ll get to scratch. Thank you for reading this, I hope it has not been a waste of your time. Maybe you know of someone to share this with, if you forward this on to anybody please let them know that I find most aspects of bondage fascinating, but no aspects of male on male sex even remotely interesting. I will respect them even if they don’t respect me, but the more common ground we share in respecting each others preferences the better for each of us. (that’s my wordy way of saying I don’t want to give my consent to be hogtied in gym shorts and find myself naked, spread eagle and in chastity- with my lack of experience I have no idea how things could end up.)

I did write him back, and we’re seeing what can be worked out.  It can be tricky, because my schedule is busy, and this guy is about 90 minutes away from me.  So while I hope it pans out, it’s tough to say.  But at the very least, he didn’t mind me sharing his email to help out other straight guys and make them feel less alone.  Believe me, this does seem to come fairly often.

On another note, I had this fun text exchange with a surprise at the end.  Again, I had permission to post as long as I didn’t use his screen name.  I first asked him to show me his chest:

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TFG Deluxe Custom Leather Sleepsack

So it’s finally here!  It cost me quite a bit of money, but it has been something I’ve been thinking of for a very, very long time.

If you visit this blog, you should know I already have a Neoprene Sleepsack.  Now don’t me wrong, I do love that too.  But I bought it during the period where Mr. S had a leather store in Los Angeles (sadly, it’s been gone for a long time now), and at the time, they only had a medium in stock.  Really, I should have been a small.  But I just didn’t wait to wait to get one.  It’s been great, and as you can see from this blog, I get a lot of use out of it.  But once I tried on a proper fitting one on a more recent visit to Mr. S, I knew I had to get one that was the correct size.  And if I was, I should just go whole hog and get the features I wanted.  I may have ordered it when this tweet happened…

The features I got included:

  • Tit flaps
  • Padded Lower Leg/Foot Cushion (not seen)
  • Suede Side Out (leather inside–both easier to clean and sexy to feel)
  • Requested an extra inch around hand/wrist for comfort
  • Custom Foot Flap

It also has a standard 3 pull zipper and ass zipper (not pictured).  As for requesting the extra inch, when I tried it on in the store, I pretty much fit their standard “Small” size in every way, except it felt considerably tighter around the hands and wrist, which is often an uncomfortable pressure point for me.  So I asked for it to be a bit larger.  It is definitely way more confining than my neoprene sleepsack.  The correct size makes all the difference.


It’s the foot access flap that I’m most excited about.  This way my feet can be exposed for abuse while still the rest of me is wrapped up nice and tight.  Surprisingly, they said they don’t get asked this very often, but they were very accommodating about it (and they charged me $75 for it, in case you were wondering).  In any case, I seem to be one of the few guys in the world with this particular “feet”-ure, and I’m quite proud of it.  Of course, this can be zipped up, and my feet would be encased as usual.


One other perk I got:  I seem to have been upgraded to the tit flaps with pricklers.  This was an extra charge, and I honestly didn’t ask for it, but they seem to have given it to me.  I wasn’t sure it was quite for me, but it does turn out that when the tit flaps are in place, they don’t touch the skin unless pressed down (at least in my case).  It feels similar to having a small metal brush rubbing against them.  I do sort of like it, and I’d say that if you’re not sure about them, go ahead and get them.  In any case, a very nice shout out to them for the upgrade, whether it was intentional or a mistake.

Photo Jun 26, 4 38 39 PM

These can be snapped onto the tits. I don’t feel the pricklers unless they’re being pushed down on.

Photo Jun 26, 4 38 47 PM

The next question I’m probably going to be asked is:  can I, the reader, ever try this out?  Well, I do have to admit, having a sexy sub’s feet sticking out of this would be quite a treat for me, too.  But there would have to be a few conditions.  First, your size.  It’s designed to fit a small frame, about 5’6″ – 5’9″, and probably a weight of around 140, give or take.  Much outside of that, you may simply not fit.

Second condition is that you would have to come to me.  I travel frequently, but when I do, I only use carry on luggage, and this is too heavy and bulky to put inside.

I am very happy with it, and look forward to getting a lot of use out of it in the future!  And just FYI, in these pics, I’m also wearing a Spandex Blindfold Hood and Front Buckle Gag.  But both my husband and I feel this would be a great fit for the Bishop Head Harness as well.

Roped up feet

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