TFG Exclusive:  BoyTrigger, Part 3

Time for a bit of bondage and humiliation.  After chewing on my stinky socks for a while, I hung them to dry on his underwear as he was tied standing up.  To enforce his worthlessness, I spit on him.  Not satisfied with that, I began writing on his body.  First, he had to try and guess what I wrote on him.  Then I eventually asked for his own thoughts about his place, and I wrote his suggestions on his face.  Not only that, but for the rest of the session, I repeated the words to him, and made him repeat them frequently as well.  It was hot.

(Quick side note:  it was a washable marker, so it comes off very easily and very quickly.  The marking do wash off in a single shower.  I wouldn’t make him go back out into the “real world” with that on his face–in case you were concerned.)

As you can see, I was anxious to see his feet.  He had been ordered to wear the same shoes and socks in the days before the meet.  The reveal of his bare boi slave soles next time…

Gear used:  blindfold, restraints, plug gag from the Bishop Head Harness

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The Art of Foot Worship

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Face dives

Face dives0

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Yeah, get their face and head dunked.  Covered and dripping.

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Cyber slave2fer, Part 2

More form our first group cyber scene. Remember, I have redacted the vids for privacy reasons, but included an anon screen shot to demonstrate they did do them.

I must say, one of my biggest weaknessess is to hear a slave moan, especially when their mouth is full.  That’s why I request it so much.  It turns me on to no end.

I do want to note in the final moan vid request I made, where I commented that SBS gagged like a fag, he really did gag repeatedly on his own fingers.  It was a hot and pathetic display of his worthless dedication as a slave.

Not quite done with them yet, though… more next week.



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