Hopefully getting there…

So by now you’ve noticed I’ve taken down the old site. The domain name finally came through, and I got a new web server. But I’m still having problems uploading the site. I never thought this could be so difficult. I wish I knew what was going on. It’s pretty frustrating for me, too! Hopefully I can get this resolved before Thursday… I am leaving for a 4 day out-of-town trip then, and obviously won’t be able to work on it during that time. It’s called vacation, baby!

On a personal note, I’ve starting talking with a new guy that I met on a message board (non-foot related). He’s very sweet, but not quite as sharp/quick witted as I like. Not quite a hot guy, but very pleasant. It’s pretty clear he’s very into me, though, which I have mixed feelings about. While I do want to meet new guys, I’m don’t think I’m really ready for a full time, LTR committment right now. It’s just been too soon! So we’ll have to take things slow for a bit.

Saw the comedian Emo Philips last night. He was fantastic! Always been a big fan of his. He will be appearing in Los Angeles for the next few Mondays, with different guests each night. He said next Monday will be Judy Tenuta! Wow! I think I may have to go again. So much fun, and only for $10! Cheaper than a movie. Go support him.

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