Day: August 2, 2005

I think it’s me

Returned from my weekend trip Sunday. It was a great time, although I probably spent more money that I should have. But it was good to get out of town.

I’ll be going out of town yet again as of Thursday, and won’t be getting back until Monday evening. But this time I’ll just be driving my own car, heading off to San Diego for all the parks (Sea World, Legoland, Zoo) as well as visiting with some friends. Should be meeting up with a foot-friend I’ve known online for a while, and will meet for the first time. Action packed times, I assure you!

So what’s up with the website??? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s my server now… it appears to be doing what it should do. I think it’s me, not properly publishing it. What I’m doing wrong, I have no idea. But if I don’t get it fixed by tomorrow, then it’ll have to wait until next week, when I return from the trip. Sorry about this! After all this time, I’m worried that it’ll seem anti-climactic… but I’m doing the best I can…