Can I get a Hallelujah!

Wow! I am smart after all. As you can see, the site is now up! The problem was mine… I take full responsibility. I’ve been a not-so-smart fetish boi… how should I be punished, sir? Suck on your toes? Alright, shove them in… mmmmmpphhhfffff… aaaaahhhhmmmm…. (slurp slurp slurp whifffffffff)…

Well, you have to give me a bit of a break. I’ve never done a website from the ground up before. I do already know there are some kinks/broken links/pics/etc. to fix, but I won’t really be able to do that until I return from my vacation to San Deigo on Tuesday. I think just we should just be thankful it got up at all after all this time. And I hope to be expanding it as we go!

Well, have fun exploring it. There’s some new stuff, some old stuff, and some old stuff with a twist. Oh, the email link isn’t working yet. But if you like what you see, or have some comments, email me at . Enjoy it at last!

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