Found the problem, now just need to fix it

After some investigating, I’ve discovered why the pics aren’t opening. And to make a long story short, I have to re-do all the photo galleries. It actually shouldn’t take too long, but just long enough that I won’t be able to get to them all tonight. But with some luck, I can have it all ready by tomorrow. That would be opportune for all you viewers, since I’ll be out of town yet again starting Thursday, until Sunday! This time, it’s work-related.

Since I’ll need to make the photo galleries all over again, I may make some additions/changes… if you see a pic you really wanted disappear, let me know, and I’ll try to include it again.

FYI, the photos in the Eye Candy gallery do open now, although the name tags aren’t on the pictures yet. But that can get you started! When I get the rest of the pages working, I’ll promote the site a bit more! I’ve been keeping it a bit on the DL since there have been so many problems. And yes, they’re all with me, not the software or the servers. I’m a dork. To my credit, the instructions on the software were not very clear about the problem I was having.

Emotionally, I’m feeling a bit better. Still kinda bummed. If you have looked at the About Me page, and like what you see, contact me! Maybe we’d be a good match. And I’m such an easygoing guy. Oh, you gotta be in the Los Angeles area, though. My email is Include a face pic. I won’t put it on the site, it’s just for me to see! 😉 Don’t smoke, and be drug free!

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