Day: August 10, 2005

Mission accomplished!

Okay, after a lot of work, I got the site up and running! There’s still some minor glitches, but for the most part–we’re all good. All the pics are working, anyway (with one exception on the Eye Candy page… but it’s from one of those TeenFeetUSA free previews, so most of you probably have seen it anyway. No big loss there). Just in time… I’ll be out of town again until Sunday. This time for work. But drop me a line to let me know what you think of it! I may be able to check up on my email while I’m gone.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am. Now if I only had some twink feet to suck on, my day would be complete!

When art comes alive!

I didn’t mention one of my favorite highlights of my San Diego trip. At the Zoo, they currently have a show called “The Living Garden”. It was pretty spectacular. Words can’t really describe it… it’s sort of tacky and funny, yet at the same time mesmerizing, well-choreographed, and cool. It combines a bit of the Pageant of the Masters & kitsch at the same time (although some would argue that the Pageant of the Masters is already kitsch–but this is more so). Anyway, this remarkably dressed up woman stands very still in the middle of a fountain with Enya-esque music in the background, when eventually she slowly starts to move, and water squirts out of her fingers & head. I told you, pretty spectacular. As dumb as this sounds to many of you, I found it completely fascinating! If you’re down there, take a breather, watch the show, and appreciate a more slow-paced and deliberate form of entertainment.

Changed my life. Really.

Oh, I’ll be finishing up the site by later tonight. With some luck, it’ll be 90 to 100% finished then, with maybe a few minor kinks to still iron out… but it should be with functioning pictures by then.