Mixed emotions

I knew it was coming up, but, like a typical man, I had forgotten the actual date. Yesterday would have been a 5th anniversary for me an my ex. We’ve been split for over five months now, but he called yesterday “for no reason”. I called him back later, just to chat. Like I said, we don’t really have any hard feelings towards each other. He did sound a bit depressed, but I think it was a bit more about the general state of his life (he hates his job, namely, and had self-esteem issues, even while we were together). But we actually had a pretty casual friendly conversation after all. Nothing too deep… I don’t know if we’re really ready for that just yet. I’m not really depressed over it, yet there is/was some sentimentality to it as well…

Simultaneously, I’m finally starting to meet some people I may be interested in. Not a heavy relationship right away, of course, but some nice possibly friendships that may very well develop later on. Well, at lease we can hope so, right? Even if not, school will be kicking in soon, which will keep me pretty busy.

On an entirely different note, I’m mulling over the possibility of attending Bat’s Day at Disneyland this Sunday. It’s a day (not sanctioned by Disney in any way) where all these goths converge to Disney! I’ve never gone before, but it always sounded fun. I was never really a goth, but used to have lots of goth friends, and still go clubbing to goth clubs once in a while (the dancing’s the best there), and have a few outfits for the occasion. It could be fun to dust them off and experience Disney in a different way.

Lastly, the site. As you can see, I did update with some new pages/pics. And as you can see, some links and banner images aren’t loading on those pages (although they still work). I have no idea why, and it’s irritating me. But I guess as long they and the pics work, I’ll deal with it.

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