Back to work

Well, both work and school have been kicking in for me lately. I don’t really have many plans over the weekend, but I need some of that time to finish up preparations & homework. 🙁 I actually don’t mind getting back to teaching… it’ll nice to be active daily again.

If I get around to it, I’ll try for an update to the site. I’m a bit frustrated as to why banners & navagation links don’t show up on the new pages, but I guess as long as the pics work, I you can’t complain too much. The strange part of that is that the page works fine while I’m designing it… it’s only when uploaded that the stuff doesn’t work.

I’ll try to post pics here on a semi-frequent basis, just to keep ya interested… in fact, here’s one now…

Looks pretty yummy to me. Sorta starting to feel the pangs of being on my own, with no relationship in sight. I keep meeting great people that are inaccessible to me (too far away, already in relationships, etc.). Ugh. Where are the single, nearby foot guys?

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