So close, yet so f***ing far

I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I’ve updated the site again! Still don’t know why new navigation links and banners aren’t showing up on the site, because they show up fine on the program I’m using to create them (Namo WebEditor 6). If anyone knows/has experience with this program, let me know any insights you may have!

I’m going to do my best to post pics here at the blog whenever I can, for fresh eye candy of all kinds: feet, bondage, celebs, and just plain hunks. It’s a bit tougher now that school’s back in session, but I’ll do what I can! I do have a pic today… and a story to go with it!

I’ve been feeling a bit pent up lately, but looking for maybe some new blood. So after poking around on an only semi-reliable Craig’s List, I found what seemed to be a promising ad. And after exchanging very promising emails which got me all hot & bothered (in a good way), I haven’t heard from the guy since. Talk about frustrating! This is what slipped through my fingers:

Now, you should probably be thinking, “Well, that probably really wasn’t a pic of himself” or “that pic’s probably really old, and he’s 65 and fat now”. Granted, that could be the case, as often happens on CL. But I had a chance to do some other fact checking, and, in fact, I’m pretty convinced this was current. And he wanted to be tied up. And was mildly interested in foot play.

What went wrong? Actually, I suspect I wasn’t his type. He seemed to be into really cut guys with a 6 pack. Now, I’m certainly not flabby in any way–quite trim, in fact–but not all that cut. A little, but not overtly so. Just not his boat, I suspect. That’s kinda okay, but at least say so, you know? Of course, for all I know, he got busy, found another guy, computer broke, who knows? All I know is that I feel like I’m a high school student all over again. Excuse me while I go off to a little corner and cry tears of a broken heart/cock. Well, if I can’t have him, I thought I’d at least share the pic, so we can all fantasize a bit.

Actually, there is a bright spot. I’ve ran across a guy that may actually be potential for an actual relationship/dating, and not just a booty call. We’ve yet to meet in person yet (he’s out of town this weekend), but I have a good instinct on this one. Yeah, a lot of other stuff hasn’t work out yet, but I didn’t have a confident instinct about the other guys, so I wasn’t all that surprised. Although I should elaborate… I have a good instinct I’ll like him. I have this strange premonition/instinct that he may not be feeling me as much. But I’ll stay confident, and see what happens when we meet. I’ll not only cross my toes, I’ll suck on them a bit, too.

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