Nice eyeful tonight

Just returned from my college class. It’s pretty dull, but with a good-natured, kick-back (female) teacher, so it could be worse. Fortunately, there is one cute guy enrolled for me to use as eye candy. On the first day of class, he wore slippers, but sat too far behind me to see much. Lately he’s been wearing shoes, but today was back to slippers… and I got some nice, lingering looks at those tasty looking feet he had as we put our desks in a circle for groupwork. Never been much of a tops man, but his looked pretty smooth, with just a touch of hair. Toes just the right length, in proportion to his foot, probably about a size 12 or 13. (I’m also not typically a “big” feet kinda guy, but if it nicely proportioned, I’m quite happy.) Unfortunately, I never got to see his soles at all. Also not sure if he’s gay or not. He’s a very friendly guy, and easy to talk with, (I make sure to chat with him as much as possible–heh heh heh) but tough to see where he stands. My gaydar says straight, but possibly questioning, so I’m keeping some hope alive. Don’t think there’s a real relationship here, but I can always dream of other things, can’t I? Sigh.

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