Quickie update

Had date #2 with Tom. Was very nice. Went to see a reading of Casablanca at the Pantages, with a few big name celebrities/talents (Christian Slater, Anne Heche, Thora Birch, Dan Casetellaneta, Hal Sparks, Michael York, Edward Herrmann, Henry Gibson, etc.). It was pretty good for a reading! And had a nice time after. Not as involved as date #1, but it was a Sunday, so we couldn’t stay up as late, you know. Still a nice chemistry going on. Still not sure if it’s going to be LTR material, but fun times regardless. I’m just going to roll with it.

I never mentioned what happened with the other guy. In short, we met, had a surprisingly nice conversation, but then he sent me an email saying that although he had a good time, he wasn’t really sure if he was ready for dating again. I can see the writing on the wall with him. So moving on.

In foot news, I have started a second Yahoo Group, TiedUpMaleFeet2! This is basically because the original group was running out of room for pictures. There’s nothing there yet, but I will be moving some pics over there sometime this week. So take a look for it.

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