In honor of B&G: A true life foot/bondage story

For those who don’t know/remember, B&G stands for Bound & Gagged, my first bondage magazine that was great, and is unfortunately no longer around. But in addition to pictures, they used to publish the bondage experiences of their readers. So in that time honored tradition, here’s my story from a couple of nights ago (yes, the names have been changed and the pics are not of the guy… some sense of privacy should be maintained, after all). It is guaranteed to get your rocks off.

I actually ran into Bill via an ad I had put out on Criag’s List. Yeah, there’s a lot of flakiness on there, but this guy seemed genuinely into the idea. We exchanged pictures, talked what were into, and (cutting out a lot of tedious details) decided to meet.

He was a 5’11, 35, very tan, smooth, thin, somewhat boyish looking Italian. Very hot. As soon as he came inside, I ordered him to take off his shirt. Only his shirt–I wanted his jeans to stay on a little while longer. It revealed a near-perfect chest… fit, but not overly buff. Very dark and suckable looking nipples. Without missing a beat, I cuffed his hands behind his back forced him to his knees, and ordered him to start sucking at the crotch of my jeans. After some delicious moments of me grinding my crotch into his face, I made him untie my shoes laces with his teeth, while I pressed the back of his head down with my other foot. Surprisingly, he was very adept at it, which made me very excited about his mouth and the future purposes I would be putting it too.

My shoes now untied, I lead him into the bedroom. I sat him on the bed and removed his cuffs. Once I got him lying on his back, I tied his ankles together, bent his knees, and then tied his hand together under his legs. Similar to this picture, but with the hands more under the knees, wrapping around the outsides of his upper legs, rather than under the back. (Don’t ask me how I came up with that position. As far as I know, I’ve never seen it before… it just came to me in a vision a day before our scheduled meet.) Once bound as such, I removed his shoes and socks, shoved one of his socks over his nose and the other in his mouth, and then began to enjoy myself on his smooth size 12’s. Now, I’m not really much of a size guy, but these were nice. The only breif disappointment was there was not much odor… they were fairly clean smelling. Still, I would have been a fool to turn down such hot feet.

Next, I had to get his pants off. I untied him, and bound his arms spread eagle style, removed his pants, and then finished the spread eagle with his feet. Then I stripped down to my underwear… didn’t want to reveal all yet. Left his underwear on, too–for the time being. This is where I was a merciless tease with him. I took off my shoes, which I knew were pretty rank from working all day, and shoved them into his face for some deep whiffs–which he loved. He wanted to work over my feet, but I wasn’t going to let him do it yet. Instead, I took off my socks, and pressed one of them into his nose to breathe in my stinky fumes. He almost gagged on the smell, but still managed to take plenty of deep breaths. I took my other sock, wadded it up, stuffed it into him mouth and taped over it with duct tape, making sure just a bit of the toe hanging out to press over his nose. Only then, with his mouth gagged with my sock, did I finally put my foot to his face. I ran my moist and smelly sole slowly up and down his face, pressing the toes into his nose. I did the same with the other foot, as well as both together. Man, he was begging to be sucking on them, but I just let him smell them… every inch of them. And he was totally getting off on my feet rubbing all over his face.

I knew he wanted to suck on them, but he had to earn it. I removed the tape and my sock from his mouth, but I straddled his face, pulled my cock out of my underwear and dickslapped him a bit. Told him he had to suck my dick before he could suck on my feet. I made him suck my dick, my balls, and then I sat on his face for a little while, grinding my underwear hard, feeling his mouth open and close. He had earned it, so I sat back and let him spend a good while sucking on my feet… sometimes one at a time, sometimes both at once, my toes shoving into his mouth, rubbing my foot stink all over his face, making him lick between toes.

After a while of this, I laid on top of him face down, as if we were going to 69, but I slid further down, past his crotch, so that my upside-down toes dug into his mouth. While he worked on my feet some more, I untied the rope around the bedframe, freeing up his feet while the rope remained around his ankles. I moved his feet together and started working on them. Nothing like two foot lovers in a foot-69. Mmmmmm…

Then I felt his hand on my feet. He had gotten one hand free. I actually wasn’t too surprised, and I had (knowingly) committed one of the basic errors of bondage… never leave the knots close to the hands. But at that point, I sort of though it was hot he got free, and in any case, his hands were just as smooth stroking as his feet. I let this go on for a little while, but then finally decided to untie his last hand… keeping all the rope around the wrists, with the loose ends dangling. It was still hot to see that… he wasn’t tied, but the rope were a reminder of who was in control. I was going to tie him up again, but his hands were so nice, I decided to let him finish with just the ropes dangling around his wrists and ankles. Suffice to say there was a good time of dick sucking, ball licking, and some rimming. After I ordered him to jerk himself off, he came on my foot, which I then forced him to lick off. He was jerking me and sucking on my balls when I came, shooting over my head. I can’t lie… it’s been a while since I’ve gone that far. I was dripping in my own cum.

So, I guess you could say it was a good night.

If you didn’t like that story, then you’re either dead or at the wrong website.

So did Bill have a good time? I think so, but he was tough to read… I hope we get together again eventually, but even if we don’t, I got to live out a few fantasizes that I’ve had brewing for a while.

Relationship dating seems to be so tame now. But I guess it all can’t be jungle love. 😉

Okay, back to work now everybody. If you can hide that boner, that is.

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