Update finally up

It seems like it’s been forever. Well, it has been a month. But finally an update to the website. I’m still getting used to updating, and there are still some kinks to work out, but they are nothing too major. One link graphic isn’t working and I can’t figure out why, but other than that, I’m good. I just went about it the long way. Now that I know a few shortcuts that I found along the way, maybe it can go a bit faster next time. 😉

Saw Brian again Friday night in Santa Monica. Had dinner and saw the Wallace & Gromit movie, which was really good (been a fan of them for a long time now). Very nice evening, though it’s still tough to tell if there’s any romantic/long term potential there or not.

Saturday I went to the Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest with Tom, the sexy funny guy I was dating, but am now only friends with. Interestingly enough, we both actually feel like we have much better chemistry together as friends rather than boyfriends. It’s kinda cool, actually. We had a good time, even though the park was miserably crowded, and we got on very few rides with lots of obnoxious line-cutting teenagers that speak only Spanish all over the place. Ugh.

Sorry no photo today, but hey… there’s a whole new page of photos on the webpage. And old photos for you to dig through here from previous posts. So I think you’ll do okay.

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