Hunky Feet for me to gaze at… again

Oh my, I may be falling in love. Jason, sweet Jason. I’ve mentioned before that there’s this hunky, sweet college boi in one of my college level credential classes. Not only is he pretty hot (very nice eyes), but he also frequently wears flip flop, showing off what seems to be about size 12 feet. Now, I’m not a size queen (really!), but these babys appear very luscious. Haven’t really had a good look at the soles, but the bit I glimpsed seemed pretty smooth. Toes and tops look delicious, and I’m not even all that much of a toes/tops kinda guy… but he may be converting me. I still don’t know if he’s gay or not. My gut instinct initially said “straight but questioning”, but now I’m leaning to masculine gay. He always makes conversation with me, and always sits near me. I’ve been playing it off with a bored, disinterested look, but I think I’ll have to give him my number soon. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really live near me. But I’ll be more than willing to visit him. Tonight he was wearing the eternally hot flip flops/jeans combo. Mmmmm. Pardon my drool. The picture here isn’t him, but it gives me the same memories.

Okay, I’ve gone on about him long enough. (Or have I?) In any case, there are other events to look forward too… mainly, it is actually going to be my birthday on Sunday. Turning a big 35. Still look late 20’s, don’t I? Please humor me here. 😉 I’m doing a crapload of fun stuff, and it’s been a bit of work putting it together, especially since my friends all have pretty tough schedules to organize. But it’ll be fun, I think. Not much of a party guy… more of a “let’s visit a Hanuted House and have dinner out” guy.

No real developments in romance lately, but I really haven’t been pursuing it lately, either. Sort of half-heartedly trying to set up a hook up with a cute 20 y.o. guy, but big surprise, he’s sounding a bit flaky. So I’m not putting much stock in it. I think I have a better chance with my college boi.

No reason for this pic, other than I thought that it was hot. Can’t go wrong with a ballgag!

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