Ugh… work & stress

Haven’t been writing much ’cause I’ve been so busy. I have a big deal performance/fundraiser I have to orchestrate this Saturday. I think it will be okay, but I’ll definitely feel better when it’s over.

Been chatting with yet another new possible date guy… with the same first name as me. Ain’t that annoying? 🙂 But he seems to be better than I initially thought… been having some very easygoing, fun conversations. I already told him that I’m into feet & bondage (don’t ask how it came up), and while he admitted he really wasn’t particularly into either one, he was open to ideas and not put off/freaked out by the idea–in fact, he then continued to say that he has very nice feet himself. We’ll see… I haven’t met him in person yet… but that’s a pretty cool attitude that not every guy has. Let’s see where this one goes.

By the way, I took my car in over the weekend, too. Just got a regular maintenance done, nothing found to be wrong. It seems to be fine, now.

Saw two great shows over the last weekend: a play called Take Me Out, and Letting Go of God. The former is about a gay baseball player. I’m not particularly into baseball, but it was, in fact, a pretty good play. There is also full frontal, you-can-gaze-a-while nudity by nearly every male character in the play (and there are only male characters in the play) for about 40% of the time. They even took a shower on stage (while nude, of course)–how cool is that! But even aside from the very pleasant eye candy, it’s a good show too. The run is already over, but if you can find it, try to see it.

The latter show is a one-woman show by Julia Sweeny–quite a contrast to the previous show. But just as good. She describes her path to “atheism”, and it’s quite a journey… funny, sad, and thoughtful all at the same time. I plan to see it again, and by the album when she releases it (sometime in mid-January, she hopes, though there have been delays). I highly recommend her first show, God Said, Ha! available both on video/DVD and CD. Letting Go of God is playing at the Groundlings Theater off Melrose. Go see it! If you don’t like it, you can kiss my feet–but only with a peck kiss. And if you do like it, you can kiss my feet, but I’ll let you use your tongue all you want. 😉

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