Ever done this one?

This actually happened yesterday, but I didn’t get to write about it until now. When taking out my trash, I accidentally locked myself out of my own apartment. Mind you, I live alone. It was night. I was very tired, and had grabbed my work keys, thinking they were my house keys. I realized it about 1 whole, long second after I pulled the door closed. Of course, my manager was not home to let me in, and the only other person who still has any spare keys is my ex… and not only do I not remember his new number, I had no cell phone with me anyway. What to do, what to do?

Fortunately, I remember the building next door to me is owned by the same people, and when our manager is out, we are frequently directed to visit there. So I did. Thank God, the manager was in, and did have a key to let me in. Turns out he was a young, college-aged looking guy… a bit dorky (which I kinda like) and just a tiny bit pudgy, but basically in good shape. I was so thankful just to get back in, I didn’t check him out too much, but after he let me in, I think he was scoping me out a bit. Dammit, I should’ve invited him inside! 😉

At least it has a happy ending.

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