Some eye candy & catch up

It’s been a long weekend, but the events of yesterday went off pretty well overall. Also was feeling sick a few days ago, but am already getting over it. Continuing to have some very nice chats with a new guy, Michael. Haven’t met in person yet, but I’m growing fond of him. He actually reminds me quite a bit of my ex in many ways… which I think is basically a good thing, although a bit odd/disorienting at the same time. I did get along with my ex quite well, after all, and it was mainly intimacy/sexual issues we split up over. So we’ll see.

A quick word of warning before getting to a bevy of pics… I will be out of town from Thursday, 11/17, until after Thanksgiving (11/26). So not much will be happening here during that time, unless I happen to access a public computer. I’ll try to get a small web update later today, but I’ve some other work to catch up with before I leave.

Without any further ado, some new pics from that net that have caught my eye & foot:

Don’t know why, but just liked the domination on this one.

Bound feet. Need I say more?

I gotta admit that I don’t find the guy all that hot (don’t really like long hair on guys), but the sock-sucking is very hot.

I don’t post a lot of “vanilla”/straight-forward eye candy pics, but the guy on the back is so unbelievably hot to me, I couldn’t resist. I’d love to have him on my back. Better yet, I’ll ride his back. Better still, I’ll suck on those tender feet.

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