Can it be the holidays already?

Here it is, the first of December. How did the time fly by so quickly?

More of an introspective entry today, guys. Overall, feeling pretty good… especially since in two weeks, it’ll be a three week winter break for school. I essentially have no real plans… just want to relax as much as possible. I may take a one or two day getaway somewhere… not sure where exactly, but it’ll be in driving distance.

Getting a bit bummed about personal connections, though. I guess I’m getting that itch to meet up with a great guy. I tend to get this way when I’ve been chatting/dating a guy that I like, but am unsure if the connection’s really mutual or workable. The latest news is Michael. We chatted about 3 or 4 times before I left for my Florida trip, with very easygoing, interesting conversations that seemed to be reciprocated. Didn’t get to meet up with him before I left, so I was semi-anxious to meet once I got back. Due to scheduling conflicts, it didn’t happen until a few days ago, and even then, it was a brief 40 minute “coffee” situation, as he was between jobs (he’s doing some pet sitting). He assured me his schedule was about to slow down, but when I called him Tuesday, he had taken on some other project that kept him busy when I thought he would be free. To be fair, it’s just as bad on my end… he’s offered to get together on another day, but I’m busy Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and this upcoming Sunday. My only real day off this week is Saturday, and he’s been pretty up front all along that Saturdays are a bad day for him.

So now I’m doing the usual second-guessing. Is he really not that interested in me? Even if he is, do I really want to keep putting up with a guy who I can rarely see? We’re going to try and talk Saturday, but since it’s my only day off, I may be out doing Christmas shopping. (I can’t do it next weekend… I’ll be working. So when else am I supposed to do it?) If it really meant something, I supposed I could be home, but part of me is just resenting the situation, and wants to get out. Ugh. I don’t know what do think. I mean, he’s a cool guy. I’ve already told him I like feet & bondage, and while he admitted he’s not really into them, he’s up for trying anything. Pretty great, eh? He’s also very funny & intelligent. What to do, what to do. Suggestions welcome.

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