My God, a website update!

Can you believe it? Just when you lost faith in me.

I really have been quite busy, and haven’t had much time for new photo sets. To be honest, these pics are from an old video I made quite some time ago. However, I’ve been wanting to post them as a gallery for quite a while now. I think you’ll like them. A Holiday gallery will be all new (it may not happen until after Christmas–I hope to have a new, higher quality camera by then, if Santa is good to me), and I hope to be able to upload some of my sample vids, for some quick actions shots & sounds for you all. Then, towards the end of December, or maybe very early January, another gallery with Clothespins–a teaser of which you see now. Something to keep you intrigued, and if you like it, keep in mind they’ll be over 30 more pics just like it soon enough!

I also gotta add that this has been the smoothest upload of new stuff I’ve ever had, with no downtime to the site whatsoever. I’m finally figuring out all the nuances of this stuff. Of course, if anyone finds something not working (broken links, pics not opening, etc.), please let me know, so I can try to fix it. As far as I can tell, everything is okay, but something always seems to slip by, you know?

Thanks for all your patience. Sometimes life just overwhelms, even when feet are involved. Also, I hope to be working on a long promised, new project that I’m sort-of got off the ground, but needs a lot more refining. Keep your toes crossed.

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