Life, Commentary, Sex, and Pics

Had a great time Saturday in Riverside. Hit Scandia & Castle Park… both small amusement parks, but fun. Also stopped by Mission Inn to see the Festival of Lights. Quite lovely, and did a bit of shopping, too.

Was supposed to take a CPR class Sunday… but the instructor never showed up! This is annoying on so many levels: time lost, schedule screwed up, needing to reschedule, and mostly, it really screws up my paperwork for my credential… I really wanted it all settled by this week, but now it will take at least a whole ‘nother week. Great. I now hate the Red Cross, like most of the Katrina victims. I mean, SoCal’s not even in a crisis, and they can’t show up!

Not much in the relationship department, although there is one more new guy (basically all the others have sorta dropped off…). Again, remaining cautiously optimistic, and not expecting anything serious, but a friends with benefits situation would be nice here. 😉 If anything develops, you’ll hear about it…

Sorta ready to have some casual sex out there. But it’s tricky, since I’m not a bar/spa, “How are ya, gimmie a blowjob”, quick ‘n dirty kinda guy. Just not me. Besides, I’m looking for action up my alley, which is to say feet/bondage play. Also don’t need smokers, pnp, or 420. And, selfishly, well… cute, hot guys, preferably under 35ish. These are not probably all that realistic expectations, but there you go. If you qualify, and you’re in SoCal (yet another requirement!), let me know! 😉

Actually, I’m also considering some “foot escort” options. If you think you may be interested in hiring my services, let me know about that, too. Feet only, please… although you can do whatever you want to yourself. 😉

Onto website news, I’m hoping to add a whole lot more during the next few weeks. Since I’m on break, I have a lot of time to work on it. Although new pics may have to wait until after Christmas, when I may have a new camera from Santa. 😉 Even so, I have some older sets that I can still post. Notice that I’ve added some new stuff lately, including a Guestbook, some Vid Clips, and a Poll where you can vote on what the next Gallery I should add! Go to it!

And now, assorted pics I like from da net:

A great bondage postion for feet luvers.

Submit, boi, and take it…

Yeah, breathe ’em all in…

If that doesn’t get you going, what are you even doing here? Heh heh heh.

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