Sore nipples, Part 2–or, Tales of the 6 Hour Date with a Strange Coincidence

Okay, this is not the erotic/porn blog entry… that’s right below. So if you’re looking for that, jump ahead. See “Sore Nipples”. Highly recommended cream material, to be sure. But this is particular blog entry is more relationship based–with a bit of getting off at the end, to be sure.

Even I didn’t think I’d be writing before the holiday again, but recent events have compelled it. So if you’ve been reading this at all, I’m looking for two things right now: casual times, and possible relationships (friends, dating, or LTR). I had a casual call recently, and now a (separate) potential relationship has come up.

He emailed me from an internet dating site. Seemed like a decent guy, and pretty good looking. I chatted with him yesterday on the phone, and we both realized we had no other plans for the night, so may as well meet (we seemed to be getting along well on the phone). He gallantly picked me up at my place and went to dinner. The restaurant was a bit noisy, and we were seated at a table that was pretty darn close to other tables, which didn’t exactly give a lot of privacy.

At dinner, I did much of the talking, which did make me question how much he was really into me after all. I did engage him in conversation by asking him about himself, but nevertheless, I seemed to be talking quite a bit more. Still, there seemed to be some sort of chemistry underneath this… I discovered we were gazing into each other’s eyes quite a bit, which I don’t think would really happen if weren’t any chemistry, you know?

As he drove me back to my apartment, I offered him inside, but gave him an out if he wasn’t feeling me. But he did come in! We chatted more, and he opened up with his conversation. We also had a very funny revelation as we talked. You see, he had mentioned that he knew the area I lived pretty well, because another friend of his lived very close to me. Well, as I stepped out onto the balcony, he realized that his friend’s car was parked no more than 20 feet away from my balcony. (You see, my apartment is in the back of the building, which facing the back of the apartment building across from me–and the cars in the building across from me park in the back.) All the sudden, I had a revelation. I pointed to a door in the building across from me, and said, “Does your friend live in that apartment?” He said yes. I said, “Did he just move there with in a few months?” He said yes, and he added that he had helped his friend move in. Then I burst out laughing.

You see, I had seen them move into the apartment. I had spent a few minutes of my day staring out the window, checking out the cute-but-clearly-gay guys all moving together, enjoying the free eye candy. So it turns out that I had seen and checked out this same guy a few months ago from my own balcony! Who knew? Disney had it right–It is a small world, after all.

In any case, omitting details, chatting, humor and good-natured sarcasm quickly changed to a snogging session on the sofa. In the “Life’s Little Ironies” department, I had music playing from a Broadway XM radio channel, and our make out session had the song “Some Enchanted Evening” play as our accompaniment. *blush* French kissing moved from the sofa to rolling on the floor. We were good bois, and kept our clothes on, although hand did reach under shirts, whereupon the first part of this blog title comes from. My nipples were already still recovering from my last session… it didn’t take much play before I was moaning in a sort of delicious agony. I hope he doesn’t always think they’re that sensitive. 😉

So it totaled 2 hours for dinner, 2 hours conversation, 2 hours of petting & suckface. Not a bad ratio. The last date I had like this (recall tales of the 7 1/2 hour date with Tom), the LTR part didn’t work out, but a friendship did. So I’m hoping I at least have that. 😀 Because of the holiday, we may not be able to see each other again until Monday, the soonest, and even that day is up in the air. But if things work out well, I’ll let you know. And if he never call me again… well, lack of mentioning him again will allow you to figure it out. 😉

Okay, once again, have a great holiday!

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