Is he the one?????

Okay… I promised myself I wouldn’t write about crap like this anymore here… but I simply can’t resist this one…

…I have met an amazing guy last night.

We’ve actually previously had a terrific phone conversation, after exchanging emails via an internet dating website. Last night was our first meet, and it was total, unequivocal, off the chart, very very mutual, hot hot hot chemistry… not only physically (we each think the other is totally hot & adorable), but even in interests and personality. How many other guys like Roller Coasters, Disneyland, Horror films, Board games, and doesn’t smoke or drink? Pretty tough combination to run into… yet I’ve done it here. (We even played Boggle & Yahtzee on our date… and we both liked it! Yes, it’s true I tell you! He even bought Yahtzee earlier that day just for the date–how sweet is that!) Did I also mention he has a killer smile with hot dimples? *sigh*

Oh, and we even talked sexy interests towards the end of the night. Before I even told him about liking feet, he was nuzzling my leg with his black socked foot as we lay together on the sofa. After I told him, he continued to do the same but with a wicked grin. So hot! He didn’t really say if he was into feet or not, but he did add that he likes to experiment a lot sexually. So it sounds as if he’s game. He also likes to play with bondage. Wow. Say it backwards–wow.

We were very good and kept all our clothes on. Just a bit of making out at the end of the date… just enough to tease and make me want to see him again ASAP. He was a great kisser, very sensual (yet thin) lips. Let’s hope we hear more from Sam… I know I can’t wait to see him again. If this goes bust, there really is no hope for me. 😉

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