Holy crap! (In a good way)

Just had a very successful event last night. Plus, Sam got to show up, and he, I, and a few friends hung out afterwards. Had a great time! Glad to see it all worked. Lots of people showed up… way more than I expected. Sam also had a great time. We’re planning on hanging out later today, hopefully at Knott’s and maybe Disney. He has a pass to Disney, but hasn’t been to Knott’s in years, and is looking quite forward to it!

One amazing surprise at the event… long story short, a member decided to donate over $400 dollars to our program. How amazing is that! Pretty great!

On a footnote (and every pun is intended there), my feet were pretty hot smelling after being in tennis shoes for 16+ hours. Sweet! 😉

Also sorry for lack of website updates… just been really busy. It’ll still be busy this upcoming week, but after that, I’ll get a bit of a break. So I’ll try to have something before the end of the month. But I’ll post here as much as possible.

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