Livin’ it up

Okay, I haven’t been posting here much lately. But for once, it’s because things are going very well. Work is good, and nearing a (short) break before I dive head-long into a busy season… been seeing some friends, and still having an amazing time with Sam. In fact…

…I won’t spill any details, but I will list a couple of relevant items as to how part of our Sunday went: bondage, candle wax on feet, clothespins, blindfolds, leashes, CBT, foot worship, spanking, leather collar, wrist restraints, tied to a chair, bondage furniture, balls tied to toes, gags, and smelly socks. Oh, did I mention nearly 3 hours of non-stop action? Afterwards, we discussed the possibility of taking some pics for the website… there were some quality moments, after all. We’ll see. I’m certainly not against the idea, and I don’t think he is either, but I also want to just enjoy him privately for a bit, too… after all, it’s only been just over 3 weeks. Gotta enjoy each other before bringing the camera into it.

On a less perverted note, I’ve also been enjoying some long-over due time with friends. Went dancing not too long ago, saw a cheesy 50’s movie at a truly bizarre location (try the CIA’s Fright Night sometime, it’s quite a hoot if you’re into that sort of thing!), and had a lovely quiet dinner with an out of town friend. I was fortunate enough to bring Sam along to all these events to meet my friends, and they have all liked him a great deal. Although we haven’t shared our kinky side to them yet! They don’t have to know… and besides, we get along well enough aside from the kinky stuff.

Although I do have to add that he is very much enjoying getting his feet worshiped. So it makes me pretty happy. He’s specifically been taking better care of his feet since he met me (before, they were a bit dry… but he’s been moisturizing, and they’re much better. Sweet, ain’t he?).

Sometime this week, I hope to have some pics here, and hopefully a website update. It turns out Sam will have Thur and Fri off, and while I am working, those two days will be very slow. So we may make quite a weekend somehow! Some kinky, of course… but also looking forward to the non-kinky, too. Like I said, he’s a great guy all around. 😉

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