Wow, a terrific weekend with lots of sexiness

Gotta love the 3-day weekends. Did so much, I can hardly write it all down. To sum up:

Friday night, we (Sam & I) went to see a revival of a classic horror movie, “Cannibal Holocaust”. Quite a brutal little film, with scenes of real animal killings… not very PETA friendly, to say the least (it is an Italian film from the early 80’s, so I guess standards were not the same as now), and tough to watch because of that. But still worthwhile, if you like those gore-fest movies. Blair Witch stole quite a bit from this, in terms of plot.

Later that day, I met up with Sam for our weekend getaway (he had to do some work Saturday morning). We left about early evening, just as it became dark. To liven things up a bit for the drive, I had his hands cuffed in front of him. Once we got on the highway, I forced his head into my lap, and had him blow me a bit on the longer stretches of road. Very nice. 😉 Took a quick side trip to eat (no pun intended… gotta have dinner, you know) at Elephant Bar, and did some impromptu shopping at Tilly’s, where we each got some new clothes.

Later that night, we participated in all sorts of shenanigans. I put a leather collar around his neck, and used thumbcuffs on his thumbs and big toes. Then I hogtied him with rope and made him service me. I was also pretty merciless on his nipples, pinching, pulling, sucking, and biting them constantly (he loves nipple play, and has great tits.) We both came while he was eating out my ass as I straddled his face (I had untied his hands so he could jerk himself off), and when I came, it shoot hard, long, and far–hitting his leg just above the knee. And a good time was had by all.

While we certainly have our perversions, we have lots of personal interests in common as well. We woke up sharing the fact that we each had a dream (of the non-sexy variety) with each other in it–kinda a spooky coincidence! Then spent Sunday afternoon doing a bit of walking around and shopping locally, then headed up for a quick trip to Ojai. Had a great time at always great Bart’s Books, spending over an hour there alone. Then visited the Arcade area, visiting some shops, and having tea in a local restaurant with spectacular food. And while we were eating, there was a live piano player who coincidentally played a song that Sam has sort of unofficially linked to me, “A Wonderful Guy” from South Pacific. Very romantic! Also strolled through a park, and then took a quick impromptu side trip to one of his childhood memories, Lake Castaic, where we caught a (slightly chilly) sunset together. My first real sunset, and what a special guy to see it with! It even got better… got to see the famous “Pink Moment” in Ojai as we drove back (when the sun bathes the local mountains in pink light as the sun sets). It was a great day.

Later Sunday night, Sam decided it was his turn to play me. He taped tied my wrists together, tied my ankles, and then connected both of them with a rope that he tied to the bed to keep me in place. He then went to the bathroom to begin filling up the jacuzzi tub. While the tub filled, he then tied my wrists behind a chair, and placed a ball stretcher on me that he connected to the rope binding my wrists (he really likes connecting/intricate bindings. He’s quite good at it). He played with me for a while, making me suck him & his balls. He gagged me with one of his socks that he turned inside out, and then blew me for a bit. Finally he untied me, and lead me to the tub, where he tied my hands over my head with a rope thrown over the shower curtain bar. We played around a bit that way, then he released me for a bit to enjoy the bath & jacuzzi jets together. Once out of the tub, he hog tied me and we played more.

But neither of us came until the next morning, when I woke him up by handcuffing his hands over his head and through the headboard. After playing with him some more, I let him have his way with me. He put the collar on me, tied my balls, ran the rope beneath my ass, tied my hands behind my back, then finished the rope up at the collar. Are we having a good time, or what?

Well, after finished with sexy business, we left to visit some other areas. Spent the most time at an unlikely source–a fish hatchery. Yes, you read that correctly. We had way more fun there than we ever expected. When you feed the fish, they just go nuts, and it’s oddly fascinating to watch. Can’t really explain it, but it’s a great, cheap n’ cheesy time that we enjoyed a great deal. Drove by another lake with a soothing, romantic view. Had lunch at Claim Jumper, and then had to return back to home/work.

We had a great, relaxing, romantic time, with lots of sexiness as well. 😉 I’m very lucky to be with such a great guy. Yeah, I’m spending time writting down the sexy details, but we get along just as well outside of the bedroom too, which is what makes it all even more hot. Unfortunately, he’ll be going out of town a great deal for the next two weeks, so I won’t really get to see him for a bit. Fortunately, we knew that going into this trip, which is why we wanted to make it so special. We succeeded!

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