Oh, what a beautiful morn’n

Thought it would be a very tiring weekend… and don’t get me wrong, it was quite packed with activity. Had to work until about 6pm Friday night, then went home to pack and spend the night with my folks in Orange County, so that I could have a quicker leave for San Diego the next day. Why San Diego? Well, there was a competition being held at Sea World. Had a nice time there, got some play & fun viewing penguins, walking about, and riding Atlantis. Competition overall went well, too. Drove home and manged to spend that night with Sam. Woke up with him this morning (hence the title of this entry).

Once up this morning, he very tightly tied up my balls, and then slapped them around a bit & sucked on them. Then he tied my hands together in front of me, and bound them to my balls. He sucked me off a bit like this, then straddled my head to make me suck him off as he kneeled over me. Eventually, he retied my hands to over my head by attaching them to the bedpost, and he played with me a bit more. Then he had me jack off (with my balls still bound) while he forced his foot into my face. It had a bit of a smell, too, which got me even more hot. So it didn’t take long before I came.

We actually had to move somewhat quickly, as he is off on a business trip as I write this, just a few mere hours later. He will be out of town until Saturday morning. I’ll miss him, of course, but we generally don’t get to see much of each other during the work week anyway. Hopefully, we’ll at least get to email a bit while he’s away, but it is a fairly intensive work trip he’s on, so I won’t count on it. At least we got to meet up for a bit last night!

Oh, and as a delayed Valentine’s gift, I gave him an ACE (American Coaster Enthusiasts) membership. I already have one, and he’d been wanting one. The newsletters, magazine, and bylaws arrived a few days ago, so I passed them along to him last night for reading on the plane trip. He’s totally thrilled about it! Told you we were both nerds. đŸ˜‰

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