Oscar night shenangians

I do have to admit that I am not a very good homosexual, and am not all that into the Oscars. I don’t go to Oscar viewing parties, and I spent the entire night without ever tuning into them or particularly caring. I will admit that I am curious to know who wins, but I certainly don’t need the pomp & circumstance. That said, I did already hear that Brokeback didn’t win. Quite a bummer there, but what can you do. That said, I (sadly) have to admit I still haven’t seen Brokeback yet, but am definitely planning to, even if it didn’t win best pic.

With that out of the way, I can say that I did get to spend the night last night at Sam’s, which was very nice, especially after a long day of work Saturday. He was then sweet & romantic enough to fix me a breakfast in bed. How terrific was that! It was great & delicious. Then we had a great talk about exciting career developments with him that are, in fact, a bit complicated to understand to people outside his immediate line of work.

We then decided to head off to Universal Studios for a bit of relaxing. (Theme parks are generally relaxing to us geeks.) It took a bit longer to get there than we though, due to road closures for the Oscars. But once there, it was a great day. Didn’t stay too long, but just enough to have fun.

After, we stopped by and got food to go at Pick Up Stix, our favorite Chinese food chain, and ate at my apartment. Feeling quite satisfied with food, we had planned on a little nap. But as you can imagine, it’s pretty hard for us to keep our hands off each other. So I decided to restrain Sam, with his clothes still on, in a position similar to what you see here–duct tape and all. (Of course that pic is not Sam, but he looked just about as sexy.) I took the additional step of taping his already bound wrists to his legs by winding more duct tape around both. He seemed to enjoy himself quite a bit, and I enjoyed forcing him to blow me in that position while I pinched and twisted his helpless nipples. I then pulled his pants down a bit, exposing his hard cock and ass, which I spanked a bit. It was hot seeing his hands so close to his dick, but not being able to play with it.

Eventually, after some time of play, I let him loose, where I let him jerk himself off while he rimmed me. I also put some nipple clamps on them, and did the devious task of taking them off (which hurts like crazy), and them nearly immediately put them back on. Nasty, ain’t I? He came not long after I ordered him too–which I gotta say impressed me a little bit. 😉 He admitted it was one of the quickest times he’s been able to cum (he normally takes a good 2+ hours, but this was in less than 1 hour). And I have to add that we both shot pretty good distances, greater than or equal to our torso length. 😉

After he left 🙁 I realized the work I needed to do was primarily at the office, so I more or less just relaxed a bit with some TV, and finally a luxurious bubble bath with classical music and candles. I was alone, but after the day’s events, didn’t feel lonely.

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