More hot times

Spent yet another weekend with Sam. I actually had to work all weekend, but I also needed a volunteer by my side to help me out (to take notes and whatnot). He actually enjoyed being my work “slave”, which was great. 😉 Saturday night, he and I got to spend time with my entire family, which is the first time everybody got to meet him at once. It was fun, and my family has taken quite a shine to him!

The work was short today, so we stopped by Disney for a bit (it was relatively nearby). It was fairly crowded, but managed one ride on Haunted Mansion… where I tormented his balls by repeatedly slapping them. He was moaning, alright. I had slapped them around a bit on the drive over, so they were already warmed up a bit. I continued smacking, grabbing, and pounding them on the drive home. As soon as he got in, I ordered he strip. I tied him to a chair with his hands by his sides, and wound saran wrap and duct tape around his torso, immobilizing him to the back of the chair. He liked that quite a bit! I cut some slits into the saran wrap, exposing his nipples, which I then attached some clamps to. I also tied his balls tightly, and continued abusing them. For a brief time I had him gagged with duct tape over his mouth, but I later released it so I could I stand on the chair and make his suck both my cock and balls. In fact came over him in that position, my cum dripping down his still-wrapped body. Good times, or what?

It’s difficult for him to cum while sitting, so I released him, and let him lie on the floor. Put some tit clamps on him, tied his balls again, and had him rim me and suck my balls while I straddled his face. When he finally came, he just shot all over the place. So very hot.

So as you can tell, we are still having quite a good time together. 😉

On another note, I actually hope to have a site update sometime this upcoming weekend. Sam will actually be out of town this next weekend, so it will give me some time to catch up on some work, as well as this site. It is more of a hobby, after all. But I do want to keep as many of you hard as possible. I know I am lately!

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