Turnabout is fair, I guess

So I finally have a new web update! Sorry it’s all taking so long; work just keeps me so busy, and this blog is way quicker to post.

In any case, Sam is still out of town. But he’s been calling me, and his work out there is going very well. Work for me has been usual, as I’ve been impacted by all the immigration protest marches happening here in LA. Kinda throwing off the schedule a bit, but not all bad.

In any case, some hottness: before Sam left on his trip, he decided it was his turn to have his way with me. And he started by essentially putting me in the same “saran wrapped and duct taped upright to a chair” that I had put him in a few nights ago! And I must say, he did it quite well. He also taped his smelly shoe, which he had been wearing all day without socks, to my face. Man, it smelled so hot, I could’ve breathed that in for hours!

Later on, he moved me to the bedroom, where he tied me spread eagled. The best part: he actually took some pictures! Unfortunately, he didn’t get to upload them to a computer before he left. But once I get a hold of them, I’ll try to publish a few here. He showed them to me, and he got some great pics of my feet when spread eagled. Looked yummy, if I do say so myself!

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