Just a teaser

I mentioned in my last post that we took some pics… while I don’t feel comfortable posting pics of Sam, I certainly don’t mind posting the pics he took of me. Just one or two now, and once we get a few more, I’ll make a whole new gallery (not quite enough pics to make up an entire gallery as it is now). BTW, that’s his shoe taped to my face… and he made a point of telling me that he had worn it all day without socks. His feet generally don’t smell much, but the odor was so hot! Not too strong, but enough to be able to breathe it in for a good, long time. MMMMmmmm! Hope we do that again soon.

Sam has a very busy weekend, as he has an enormously huge project at work that is culminating this upcoming weekend. The good news is that even though it is local, he is getting a hotel room through his work, and we are going to make use of it! That should be fun.

One of my close friend co-workers is moving, and had her last day not long ago. I’ll miss her! She was a hoot. Hopefully we’ll still keep in touch.

For the upcoming spring break, both Sam and I have time off! We’ll be going up to Northern California for a myriad of amusement parks. Well, I said we were both nerds! Can’t wait… it’ll be a great time, and our first major road trip together.

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