Wow, do I have a great BF

Had one last big event for work yesterday, which, overall, went very well, despite being a very long day (7am until 10:30pm). Taking most of today off, doing mainly just a whole lot of relaxing. Still have a very big production to produce in just two weeks, which means it continues to be a busy time for me.

With that in mind (and also accounting for the fact that I was sick & run down just a few days ago for a bit), Sam stopped by and asked if he could borrow my car for about an hour. Figuring something was up, I let him. When he returned, he had gone to a novelty soda store I know and love and got me a caseload of different sodas (to most other people, this would be an equivalent to a variety pack of beer–since we don’t drink, this is close as we get). He also got my car washed and detailed (I’ve been so busy, it hasn’t been washed in over a month or two, including a trip to Vegas three weeks ago, and still not washed). And as if he could have done more, he brought me a care package which included various snack foods, a Slinky, some new white socks :-), some Airborne so that I don’t get sick again, two DVD sets (Mystery Science Theater 3000 V8 and I Love Lucy), and two tickets to LegoLand! Holy cow! What have I done to deserve this guy!?! Love ya, honey!

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