We made it!

It’s great to be able to spend time with Sam again. With so much work stress, sex has been somewhat on the back burner. Now that it’s over, I’m more than ready to get back in! As well as just the basic “quality time”. We first visited a local arts festival on Saturday, and had a lunch in a really fun outdoor-set mediterranean restaurant that had rabbits and birds running around, as well as lots of trees and fountains. Very relaxing!
Today, we intended to visit the Renaissance Fair, but we slept in too late. So then I suggested the Zoo. But even that turned more into an impromptu detour to the park, which turned out to be really nice and relaxing. Especially the part where we found ourselves in a very secluded area, and I had him give me a quick BJ! I’m not much into public sex, really, but we had both been pretty pent up, so give us a break.

We decided to get back early, and continue the fun we had in the park. I have an unused workout bench (left from a roommate), which he had me lie down on, and he tied me to. My hands were bound over my head, he wrapped my torso to it with saran wrap, and to top it all off, he tied my balls tightly, then took a rope from my balls, stretched it over a rod in a nearby closet, and hung a 5 pound weight on it! He then proceeded to go to town by sucking my nuts and sliding his throat relentless on my cock. For good measure, he stood over me for a bit and forced me to chow down on his dick. But he spent most of his time eating me as much as possible. I finally shoot up to my shoulder. MMMmmmm!

It’s great to be back.

With some luck, I hope to have a website update within a week or two. Assuming I’m not kept tied up too much in the near future. 😉

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