Web update soon, I swear!

Believe it or not, but I still sort of think I’m “recovering” (well, more like “catching up”) from all the work I had before. Been a bit self-indulgent with my time–and not all in perverted ways… just some quality time things, like reading books, watching movies, hiking, etc.

Sam has been out of town on work business until the end of the week or so. In the meantime, I’m enjoying some “me” time, which, as much as I love Sam, I certainly do enjoy! Gotta keep the “self” healthy, and I do like to have my time alone.

I’ve found that I have 3 old pairs of shoes that I may put up on eBay… a few of them still probably have some stink attached. If they go up, I’ll let you know. They’re all New Balance, and a few of them are the same ones you may see in my pics! If you want to make me an offer now, email me at tiedfeetguy@fastmail.fm. (Update 6/12: The update has happened, and you can see the shoes in the latest update–both pairs! They are size 8 US.)

And now, a few net pics until I get my own up on the site:

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