Cool celebrity sightings

Yet another recent post; can you believe it?

Last night, Sam and I went to see a local play In Burbank called Oklahomo. (That is not a typo.) It is a play about people trying to make a gay version of Oklahoma. Sort of think of it like “Noises Off”, only without the slapstick, and more emphasis on the personality conflicts. Very funny stuff, which anyone who has ever done any kind of theater can appreciate. This is very small theater, folks… I would guess it seats about 25 people, and is the size of a large living room, at best. But some good stuff.

Here’s the cool stuff: we first noticed that one of the cast members was Julie Brown. As in Mtv’s “Just Say Julie”, the movie “Earth Girls are Easy”, and her (in)famous song, “Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun”. How cool was that! Secondly, Sam noticed in the audience one of the supporting cast members from Gilmore Girls (sorry I don’t know which one; I don’t watch the show). And the best part: in the back row was none other than Lily Tomlin! I don’t really get all that star struck, but OMG OMG OMG!!! Love her, love her, love her. And respect her… I didn’t ask for an autograph or anything. Decided to just leave her alone. But I was so thrilled just to see her. And to be, like, 10 feet away from her at a show.

It’s a good play too, very funny. But seeing Julie Brown and Lily Tomlin sure didn’t hurt.

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