Jury Duty served

I wish there was a kinky connotation to that heading, but there really isn’t. Although at the same time, I gotta say that the jury duty service did not prove to be as much of a pain as I thought it would be. Short summery… got sent out within two hours, had an incredibly slow-speaking judge, didn’t get picked in first round (they send out 30 at a time, and then take 18, while rest wait to see if any of the 18 get dismissed. I was in the wait group). After first dismissal, was picked for second round, and then was told to come back the next day. Ran a bit late and wasn’t able to call, and when I got there, I found they had already dismissed me for being late! I got sent back to the jury room, where I feared I’d be sent back out to another court. But turns out I was done! Not what I expected, but wasn’t complaining either.

Since I had some unexpected time off in downtown, I explored a bit, and ended up on a tour of the Library, a fairly historic building. That was nice! Later that week, I went to see a dance show from a group called Diavolo. It was great.

This weekend was working, but got some time in at Disneyland as well.

Now I’m in the process of taking care of all remaining tasks/work before I leave for my week-long vacation to San Diego with Sam. Including some online traffic school for a ticket I got in late May. But I’ll get some pics up here before I go, to keep you happy.

I do have to say that the YouTube clips I’ve added have gotten a lot more hits than I aniticipated! Glad to see they’ve gone over well. Maybe one day, I’ll add more.

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