Back at last

Returned from our San Diego trip. It was a lot of fun. We kept very busy! And it was pretty hot. We ended up leaving the Wild Animal Park early just because it was so unbearably hot. Sea World was fun, as was the Zoo and Legoland. Enjoyed a nice organ (no pun intended) concert at Balboa park. And Comic Con was more fun than I expected it to be! Amidst the 100,000 people there, I ended up running into my first ex. Egads! He didn’t see me, and I kept a low profile. What are the chances of that!?!?

Also got to spend some time with a friend there, who informed us that the hotel we were staying at is infamous for porn movie shoots. We are proud to say that we probably could have shot a pretty hot porn film had cameras been there. I tied him to a chair, gagged him with duct tape, and left him facing a full length mirror so he could see himself struggle while I took my time in a shower. Then I abused him thoroughly with a riding crop that he purchased during the trip (at the Crypt). I later removed the gag and made him eat my ass and suck my dick while still tied to the chair. Good times.

We did miss out on Pride (which is happening the weekend after our return)… sort of on purpose. Just didn’t want to deal with the crowds, as well as the exorbitant hotel rates. But to anyone who’s there, I hope you have as much fun as I did!

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