Where’d the summer go?

Only a few more weeks of vacation, and I’ve been working quite a bit! Got a 3-day gig, and will be leaving to work an out of town event from Wednesday til Sunday. Once again, I marvel at how busy it’s been.

Although I guess I can’t complain too much… I did have a great deal of true “time off” in July. I guess this is the payback. 😉

I did have some play time over the weekend… I went to see Kitty Carlisle Hart live in concert! If you know the name, you may be thinking what I did when I first heard this… “She’s still alive?” Yes, and turning 96. For you young’ns without a sense of history, she was famous on TV in the 50s, 60s, and 70s for being a fairly constant panelist on To Tell the Truth and What’s My Line? She also was married to Moss Hart, who directed and wrote some of the classic musicals in theater history (directed My Fair Lady, Camelot; wrote A Star is Born). She was great fun to watch, and she sang a good selection of songs (she did used to be a singer, and for 96, she still seems pretty good!). But I do have to say that I think it was just as interesting to “people watch” the audience… quite a selection of seniors with mega face lifts, extreme make up, dolled up hair, and, well, eye-catching color combinations. Mix this in with a lot of younger gay men, and you’ve got quite a combination.

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