This should have been sooner…

I’ve been trying to post here for the last day or so with some pics, but for some reason, I was having mega trouble getting them to upload. Everything seems okay now, though, so there is more eye candy for you today.

Sam is out of town and will be returning Friday. I’ll be doing my last ditch effort to find a new place to move before school begins in two weeks (it hasn’t been going so well, though–not finding anything I like that’s cheaper!), and I have a small performance for the upcoming weekend.

The events I worked at over the last week were fun, but tiring. Long days and nights. It was good to see some friends on staff that I haven’t seen in a while.

Not too much else to report, other than I will be trying to enjoy the last bit of my vacation before work kicks back into play. Hope you all have noticed by now that I have a new update on the webpage. And new pics here. Just trying to keep you all entertained!

Yum yum yum!

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