Some sexiness

I know you’re all mostly here for perv stuff. Not that I blame you. So I gotta write about a hot time last night.

Sam came over here. I had recently ordered some new leather, lockable wrist & ankle restraints (from Extreme Restraints… been very happy with them everytime I’ve ordered) that had oddly enough just arrived earlier that same day. So of course, we had to use them in our play.

At the time, I didn’t yet have locks for the restraints. (It didn’t come with locks, I was just going to get them separately.) But Sam put them on me, and found some thin metal clips that fit just into them, and then looped them together. Sitting upright on the bed, he bound my ankles in front of me, and my hands behind me. Since I have a metal frame canopy bed, he took some rope and joined it from my bound wrists and pulled them up a bit to the frame above, a’la semi-strappado style (not quite that intense, but that sort of pulling). He then wound a 6 foot length of rope tightly around my balls, until they swelled up tightly. With another rope, he joined my tied balls to the other side of the canopy frame. I am now securely trapped between the two sides of my canopy frame. To further ensure my constraints, he took one additional rope and tied the two ropes over my head together, tightening & pulling them together. In this position, he was able to sneak his head between all the ropes and blow me. Mmmmm. He was also able to stand on the bed in front of my head and shove his dick into my helpless mouth.

After some time, he released the rope at my wrists, but continued to keep them bound behind my back. I was allowed to lay down, and he shoved his feet in my face, which were ripe from a certain pair of shoes he wears without socks. When I came, I came onto his foot, which he then made me lick clean.

And how was your Friday? 😉

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