Happy Halloween/Birthday to me!

Yes, yesterday was my birthday. Didn’t do anything special, just rested. Had a small get together with some friends on Saturday night, which was great. Also had dinner at the Stinking Rose, which is a Beverly Hills restaurant (also in San Fransisco) that specializes in garlic-infused food–along with very (intentionally) tacky decor.

Next day, I had a great (smirk) ole’ time with the BF. I’ll write about it sometime here… it was pretty hot.

In the meantime, it just continues to be very busy around here. I only have about 6 days off the entire month of November… and that’s including all the holiday/vacations of Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving… I’m working for a few days during both. Egads. Sometime I’ll make time to update the site, really.

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