1st weekend off in quite a while

Almost every weekend for the last few months had me working on at least one day. This was the first weekend I actually had both days off, with no major responsibilities. Unbelievably enough, Sam was in the same schedule! So we took advantage of it. Spent Friday night seeing a movie (Dark Ride, an indie horror film)–which marked the first movie we’ve seen in a theater for a very long time–Saturday we visited Japan Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center, stopped by the classic Amoeba records, and then saw Light in the Piazza at the Ahmanson. Sunday started with some shopping, then a visit to the LA Arboretum, and then a bit more shopping/ice cream (since it hit the 90s out here).

Of course, the day ended with me tying Sam to a chair, making him moan with his mouth gagged with my underwear, and making him suck various parts of my body while tied to the chair, ultimately having me cum on his face while he licked my balls (I had him move the chair close to the bed, so I could stand/squat on the bed, in case you are trying to visualize the logistics of this). Good times!

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