Yes, it was Happy

Thanksgiving, that is. I spent it with Sam’s Mom in Palm Springs. It was quite an event. It went very well, but his Mom has a very calm, leisurely, lifestyle. Quite a contrast to my busy busy busy plan plan plan schedule schedule schedule life. It was nice, but a little strange to be so casual about keeping track of time.

It was also essentially my first time in Palm Springs. I had been there a few times before, but purely for work reasons, with no time to visit anything else. Granted, there isn’t a whole lot to see aside from lots of shopping and restaurants (and the Aerial Tramway, but we decided to save that for a less crowded day), but it was still nice.

On the way back, we made an impromptu visit to the Mission Inn in Riverside. This ended up being the best thing we could have done. I was hoping to catch their Festival of Lights. (For you who have no idea what I’m talking about, the Mission Inn is a beautiful hotel that slathers itself in lights for the holidays–link here: Well, not only did we catch it, but we caught the inaugural lighting ceremony, with very close up fireworks! There was also a Christmas Tree display with lots of beautiful and clever decorations. And some great, fun shopping on the side. A very successful trip!

Once home, Sam was sure to abuse me a bit. He out of “revenge” from our last outing, he tied me to a chair, and tied an open can to my bound balls, which he then began to fill with ever-increasing amounts of coin change… until the can was quite heavy, indeed. He continued to abuse and suck my body in various ways for a while, and then hogtied me on the floor, and made me service his feet. Later he moved me to the bed, where he tied me with my arms stretched out, and my feet together. That’s where he began to suck my cock, and told me to cum within 1 minute. Which, rather unlike me, I turned out to do. I guess I’m a good boi after all. 😉

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