Back from the Holidays

I may write a more detailed post later, but I have returned from the WDW vacation… which was great, of course (minus an unfortunate episode where Sam lost his $300 camera). All the rides were great, the food was great, and the weather held out (no rain, and mostly sunny without being too hot or humid).

The holidays were fine, too. I got a new monitor for my computer, which is a fabulous 17 inches that I am enjoying as I write this (as opposed to the 13 inch I’ve had ever since having a computer!). Gives a whole new perspective on things! Also got some nice bondage equipment from Sam that we tried out last night… yes, pictures were taken, and (after some editing) I plan to eventually post them. I got Sam some bondage toy-type stuff as well… it was an entertaining evening! Also had some hot times during the vacation, in the hotel room. Fortunately, those pics were taken with my camera, so they will also be posted sometime in the future.

Now is the time to decompress a bit, pay the bills, and get some tasks done during the vacation–especially housework. Sam and I also plan to visit the various SoCal parks with the annual passes, as well as some other local activities. He’s taken off more vacation time than me, and I still have two weeks left!

Hope your holidays were just as pleasant!

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