Life may be returning again

Sorry the blog entries have been so infrequent. I’ve been building up to a large work event for the last few months where I had to coordinate a big shin-dig. It’s been a very consuming situation, but I am pleased to say that it went off remarkably well over the weekend, especially for it’s first time out! It’s a huge weight off my shoulder that I’ve been bearing for quite a while. Now I have some post clean up to do, and prepare to dive headlong into my busy season at work. But by comparison, I’ll be having more free time.

Because of all the previous craziness, I really haven’t had time to post any new pics to the site, and to be honest, I’m not sure when I will. But since it’s long overdue for eye candy, I’ll include a lot of web pics here for your patience, and will try to continue to do so when I get a chance (I can post pics here way faster than I can to the site).
Also feel free to continue to vote in the poll on the site, regarding uncensored pics. If I get enough interest, that may be the next area I work on!

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