Vegas time

Well, I’ve been busy because it’s been a peak time at work. I (and Sam) traveled to Vegas this past weekend for an event. Everything went very well, and Sam and I had a great time during what little free time we had. I took him out to lunch at Olive, a restaurant at the Bellagio. We also visited Hoover Dam, which he had never been to before, and we managed to squeeze in a game of Bingo (yes, Bingo), where I won $75 for a $4 investment, so that was pretty good!

There’s a small break in the busy work, but it kicks back in very soon for a final performance in the middle of May.

Oh, Sam has a birthday today, but unfortunately he is out of town on business. So the lunch at Olive was part of an early celebration, and he’ll be celebrating it this upcoming weekend (as he returns late Wednesday). On Sunday, we’ll be playing an elaborate scavenger hunt game at Disneyland (unrelated to any birthday stuff, but fun nevertheless). We sure like to keep busy!

We have managed to get some hot sessions, and a few pics. I’m just too busy to upload them all right now! But they’ll be coming one day, I promise. It just may be the summer.

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