Hey, a good day! (Still busy, though)

I took yesterday off work. I realized that I have been working 7 days a week for at least the last three weeks, and I didn’t even have time for basic personal necessity (laundry, food shopping, haircut, car maintenance, etc.). I can’t believe how much it relaxed me, and allowed me to catch up with myself & work.

Great day at work. I had an unexpected visitor, a guy who won an Emmy stopped by my work! It turns out he was a former employee. He brought his Emmy, which he let me hold. I thought of it as practice for when I get to accept my own. 😉 He was a very nice guy (and pretty cute, too–Sam better look out). Very cool deal!

Lastly, on a perverted note, the long awaited Bishop Head Harness has finally arrived. I had almost lost all faith, but it arrived today. As you can see from the pic, it looks pretty freaking hot. It also currently has that “new leather” rich smell, which is kinda sexy. But the main allure of it for me personally is that while the face is bound and gagged (although the blindfold and gags can be removed, providing with lots of options), it leaves the nose exposed–leaving me helpless to inhale any feet and/or shoes that may find its way to my face. MmHHHHHmmmm. Sam can hardly wait to put it into action. Knowing him, that means there will be pics soon to come/cum. Not that I’d argue!

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