Bring’n Sexyback

(Okay, there will be a sexy bondage session at the end of this post. So stick around.)

So nearly all events are done. I’m definitely in the home stretch. I’m not sure I believe it’s almost all over now. Just four more weeks to a summer vacation!

Had a nice weekend with Sam. Visited with friends as well Saturday night, had a fun night out seeing each other (for a friend’s birthday). It was a very relaxed, fun, stress-free evening. Saturday, we slept in very late (a treat in itself), had lunch, visited Knott’s Berry Farm and rode their new ride (very fun!), and spent some time in bed (more to “cum” about that later). Slept in a bit this morning, shopped a bit, had lunch at Citywalk, went bowling (I got 2 strikes, and I don’t even play!), and since we are seriously thinking about moving in together, looked at a few local apartments.

Okay, okay, the sex. It was great. Unfortunately, no pictures. But I can tell you like you were there. 😉

First off, I should say that Sam has purchased a new oversized, comfy chair for his bedroom. I should also mention that he has tied me to nearly every major piece of furniture in his own apartment, including the dinning room table (where he had me spread-eagled face up, bound very securely–I couldn’t move a muscle) and the living room coffee table, where he force-feed me his feet. So I couldn’t resist when I saw his new chair. As he emerged naked from the shower, I had him sit in the chair, and tied his feet to the base of the chair (there are small legs that allowed me to do this). Since the chair is somewhat large, it spread his legs fairly wide. Then I took his hands, and bound them in front of him. Then I stood on the chair, pulled his hands over and behind his head, and tied them in place. As I did this, he licked on my cock, balls, and ass as an appetizer. But he had to endure a bit more to get more.

He has a ton of clothespins, so I took a handful and put them all over his body. I started with one on his nipples, and managed to squeeze in three on each nip–one on the top, and two on the sides. Then I put a line of clothespins down the length of his shaft, and about three on each of his balls. I also put one between each of his toes, and finally a few on his exposed pits. He started to moan a bit, so I took out a small gag and shoved it into his mouth and told him to suck it and keep it there while I watched him squirm. For good measure, I pushed my foot into his face, wiping it up and down, but didn’t allow him to taste it, instead using my foot to push the gag further into his mouth, and cover his nose with my toes.

After a time, I slowly removed the pins on his dick and started to blow him. As I did so, I removed many of the pins one by one, continuing to suck him off as I did so. When they were all off, I stood on the chair again and had him eat me as I continued to pinch his nipples by hand, forcing him to groan with my cock in his mouth.

I decided to stop there, and let me dominate me a bit. He did a great variation on a hogtie. First, he tied my feet and my hands behind my back. Then he tied my balls tight, but left loose ends of the ball rope dangling. He took the extra rope from my balls and wound them around my bound hands and feet, pulling them together. Now every struggle would pull on my balls. I wasn’t going anywhere. He made me suck him for a bit, and he sucked me. Eventually he gagged me, wrapped his legs around my face, jerked off, and came on my helpless face and chest. His cum was all over my gagged mouth, lips, nose, cheeks, neck, and upper chest. His hot cum was smeared all over me, but I couldn’t eat it. Then he sucked me off with his cum still on me, and when I shot, he aimed it to my chest, so that I was covered in even more cum. It’s like I was a living cum rag, dripping all over me. Very hot.

Like I said, it was a good weekend.

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