Getting creative

So work is officially out and summer is here! Although I have to stop by very quickly later today to finish up some work. But I won’t be there for long. Tonight, I am going to see Kathy Griffin live. So that should be entertaining. Over the weekend, Sam and I (who is returning from a week long business trip later tonight) may head over to a local water park, and possibly try to ride the new Nemo submarine at Disneyland. So a busy time ahead, but a fun one!

I can’t remember if I’ve said anything about it here, but I have been taking some lessons in Taiko. That’s Japanese drumming, if you don’t know. It’s always been a dream of mine to learn to play. The class is only offered once a month, but with my typical busy schedule, that’s about right for me. I took a few quite some time ago, but then got too busy, and missed a couple. Got right back into it last night, and it was great! It’s very cathartic. And it also gives me blisters on the base of my thumbs. Well, it can’t all be good.

Since I’m finally off work, look for an actual update to the site sometime next week! There’s really no excuse not to have one. Thanks for being so patient. Some webpics to hold you over.

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