Summer is "Wrapping Up"

I know I haven’t written much. Yeah, I was out of town for a vacation for a while, and then I had some work, and lately I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing. In a way, it’s nice to feel so relaxed.

I did have a very hot encounter with Sam recently. He knows I’m into being mummified. Lately, he took it to the next level. Not only did he do an initial wrap with the usual Saran Wrap, but he did a second layer with a roll of pallet wrap, which increased the tightness by a great deal. Then he gagged me with a rubber plug gag, and wrapped up my face with the pallet wrap (of course, leaving the nose open for breathing), holding the gag firmly in place. Lastly, he went down and encased my feet tightly in the same wrap. This was the tightest (it felt like I had been vacuum sealed) bondage I had ever experienced, and it was literally head to toe.

He did pull out my cock and balls, and then tied them to my feet, so that every pull of my feet tugged agonizingly at my balls (bending my knees was pretty much the only movement I could do). I was kept in this position for nearly 30 minutes, as Sam put his feet on me and jerked off on my encased, helpless, moaning and struggling body. Later he jacked me off, and it was pretty exhilarating, as you can see. Or is that the candle wax? 🙂

Believe me, this was very intense. My elbows were nearly digging into my sides, and I could not move a muscle. Admittedly, after about the first 20 minutes or so, it almost became a bit painful. But a few strokes and sucks of my very hard dick were all it took to make it feel pleasurable again.

Well, Sam is now back to work after a lot of time off. I’ll be back to work myself in less than two weeks. But I can’t complain too much… I feel like I’ve had sufficient time to relax.

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