One last hurrah

Well, work begins again tomorrow. Fortunately, it’s been a relaxing, fun summer. A few nights ago, we saw a campy and hilarious version of the play The Bad Seed (nothing nasty, the classic one about the killer little girl), which had some nice eye candy. Later, Sam and I took a few short day trips to Ojai and Catalina, which were fun. And left him with some smelly feet after a very hot summer day of walking around. It didn’t take me long to cum with his toes shoved in my face.

We also took a trip to Rough Trade & Mr. S/Fetters, which are the local LA Leather/bondage stores. Sadly, all the things we like are way expensive. Although Sam is seriously considering buying a “bondage bed”. (Take a look at here.) It’s pricey, but looks just contemporary enough to pass as fashionable. We’ll see. At Rough Trade, they had a shirt which said, “Slave” in front of a semi-realistic caricature of some curling toes. (There was a similar one marked “Master”.) It totally turned me on, but I didn’t get it. It wasn’t in my size, and I really wasn’t sure where I could wear it without getting odd stares (I don’t go to enough gay/leather clubs to make it worthwhile). But I’m still thinking about going back for it anyway.

We still hope to move in together, which we were originally planning on over this past summer. But he has a condo, and it’s taken him a bit longer than he thought to prepare it for selling. We’ll see how it goes, but we are tentatively planning on a December move in–maybe sooner if he sells sooner. You never know in this crazy housing market. Fortunately, we are in no hurry.

Well, before disappearing from my lazy days of summer, I thought I should post a bevy of pics. So enjoy!

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